Anyone have experience with Rexulti?


Hey everyone,
So my psychiatrist is starting me on Rexulti to try and help with the voices and paranoia. I’m also on 30mg of Celexa and 1mg of Ativan to help with my other symptoms.

My first night of taking it was yesterday and I didn’t sleep well at all. I woke up every two hours and had difficulty falling asleep. I generally don’t sleep well due to worsening anxiety and voices at night as it is, but this was excessive. I really want to give it a try because I can get it for free through my pdoc and I don’t have health insurance coverage for psychiatric medications.

Anyway, anyone with input or experiences with it would be much appreciated!


It’s been great for me. My Sza is treatment resistant and it’s one of very few things that help. Are you replacing something that makes you very sleepy with the Rexulti? I have had sleep disturbances too, but that is after stopping trazadone. IDK if Rexulti causes sleep disturbances or not.


I haven’t been on any AP meds for the past 5 years, for complex reasons but including my family not believing in medication and I was scared to go back on them for the side effects I experienced in the past. I had major weight gain on Zyprexa and Seroqul, Abilify was too expensive to stay on and Risperidone did nothing for my voices.

Now that I’m an adult and in charge of myself it took a long time of getting enough courage up to go back in, but I finally did. So in answer to the question, no I’m not replacing anything with the Rexulti


briefly switched to it from abilify for about a month or so, controlled symptoms about the same (so well) but i couldnt stay on it because it made me ridiculously nauseated + insurance wouldnt cover it


I take it in the morning, it doesn’t have that effect on my sleep. But I also take saphris which makes you a little drowsey.


Its been good for me. Didnt get akathysia that i did from abilify. Didnt get the loss of libido and sluggishness that i did from risperdal. Im on 3mg but want to go down to 2 because i feel its making me depressed.


Good for you for getting on meds! The only advice i can give you is tell your pdoc if the sleep problems persist. I know missing sleep can be very very bad for me.


My son’s psych doc recommended taking this medication in the morning because it’s increases one’s activity level