Anyone going through menopause?

I thought it was Abilify but, may be, it is menopause that is causing my exhaustion. I feel really tired although I sleep a lot. I feel hot at times. I am not irritable but am calm. I hope this feeling of exhaustion goes away. I just moved around a bit and feel better. Also, my libido went south. This is good. I feel no desire to have sex. I was horny until this year when a bag of bricks hit me. I am happier now. I feel better except now I feel tired. I believe, this will fade away too with time. I feel better knowing it is not Abilify that is causing me to feel tired. I don’t want to take hormone pills and will just endure this phase. Is anyone else going through menopause? What are you doing about your symptoms- hot flushes, sleep disturbances, and irritability?

well come to the real world, did you know us guys have different things with are every two weeks cycles.

Well, I don’t know since I’m not a guy. But, I’m sure it is just as difficult to deal with as menopause? I don’t know.

The body temperature thing might be what I’m seeing as a tell. My mother says she gets real hot sometimes I don’t know all about it.

Please contact a doctor if not a relative or close person you trust to talk about this stuff.

I don’t know what DrZen is on about it sounds sorta rude and stuff but I don’t know if they speak english as a first language or if they’re just being a jerk.

In general this is something that could be telling as a symptom, maybe just not a sure fire one. It may be old age and you need a general practitioner to talk to about these changes as you age.

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Hi, yeah I am going through perimenopause

My skin is dryer, my hair has become more grey, just start colouring it

My midsection seems bigger, I get a flushed face if I come across heat, hot water bottle or the sun,

Etc etc it’s no fun.
Hormone pills are safer than the alternatives of not taking hormones
Because in the olden times women’s life expectancy was never much higher than a couple of years after menopause
Our hormones after menopause are such that we get brittle bones and certain cancers
Each year after menopause makes all these risks higher
Imagine you have 40 years without these hormones? Awful

They make a real difference

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I’ve been through menopause.

I had surgical menopause in I believe 2012. I took hormones until 6 months ago because my dr was worried about getting breast cancer if I stayed on it any longer. I got hot flashes up until a couple weeks ago. I haven’t had a single hot flash for 2 weeks.

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I also had surgical menopause.

I also took hormone replacement for a couple years.

Now I take nothing for it.

I had hot flushes etc

I’m good now.

My stomach is fatter than it used to be and sticks out more than my boobs.

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I’m going through menopause and I’m glad. It doesn’t cause me any effects. I’m just glad to be done with periods.

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