Anyone get random hot flushes?

Been getting these for a while. Is the middle of February and I’ve got no heating on but lying with my top off in front of a fan


I do but my Dr says MENopause is knocking at my door lol


I’m not a girl but when I was on abilify I’d get so warm all the time like I was in a sauna yet I was outside in the winter

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Ah yeah @Turtle43 i forgot about that. They say there is a male menopause but I don’t really know anything about that

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Yeah I think it’s the meds too

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Yeah all the time. I have hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). Its driving me insane. But i was prescribed a med to help with it that will hopefully start working a bit over the next few weeks. I really hope it does. Any slight activity and my whole body and face is drenched in sweat. Not sure what the cause is yet. And im only slightly overweight so it cant be lack of fitness. I see people twice as big as me not breaking a sweat out and about. And im completely drenched. I worry people think im coming off drugs or something haha. Makes my social anxiety worse too. So thats fun.

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No, my toilet only uses cold water.


Man hot flushes and this time feel nauseous too. Have opened the windows and put the fan on.

Think it’s worth getting my testosterone levels checked?

I would ask your doctor…not good…putting on “outside” for you bud.

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Will put it on too pal

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I get hormonal hot flashes and I get hot flashes when my sugar is high. It happens throughout the night and day.