Anyone ever done formal intelligence testing?

The gre which is for graduate school tests I took had a floor and ceiling which was at best ten points lower than my ability in high school.

I was curious about Stanford Binet or weschler intelligence test experiences you all have had- I know we have tossed around some quick trending iq tests but I mean real data

Anyone care to talk about it? Mine says I should do really well in this program I am in, the practice tests with smoke breaks showed 5 iq points higher on average

I took an iq test once and didn’t do half bad…but that is about it. I personally have never been a fan of intelligence tests because they always seem one sided…

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I did a formal IQ test at my public school when I was 14 or15(can’t remember which) but never did get to know the result.
IQ tests are not really suited as a measurement of intelligence for those of us with widely differing performance in different areas (often a sign of a learning difficulty) In my case, according to informal tests I have done,I am in the very superior range verbally but only borderline/low average spatially.
I guess though I must be quite intelligent for my pdocs to describe me as highly/very intelligent.

The thing is getting the best out of your level of intelligence; which you are doing @mortimermouse.

Yeah I think you have schizophrenia issues with spatial (it does that- for example, I get lost without google maps).

It is all bound by motivation.

I’ve only done the ones that I’ve found on the internet. The results ranged from 120 average to 163. However that doesn’t mean anything because I don’t think they have that much credibility. I am a little frightened to take one because then I can’t just tell myself that if I fail something it wasn’t my IQ. I don’t know I’ve been in situations where I was made to feel like an idiot and some where I felt like a genius.

Yeah the unofficial tests vary in reliability and validity

I know when I was 15 I did the IQ tests in the Eysenck (no slouch when it came to such matters) book my parents had, and scored125 which scales up to 150 at 18.
That was before I became ill though.

Got any links on spatial intelligence and psychosis/schizophrenia? It’s an old diagnosis, but reckon I do have traits still.

I’d still be lost with a map. My map reading skills are abysmal.

Nah I dont- I would google scholar search it“spatial+intelligence+”+schizophrenia&source=bl&ots=PkWMmllJU8&sig=Q7GhWxd6NodEf5dOShBBzIPv

Summary Intellectual asymmetry with superiority of verbal skills to spatial skills frequently characterises patients with schizophrenia, but it is unclear whether this pattern also reflects genetic susceptibility tothe disorder. We examined the association of a continuous measure of genetic liability to schizophrenia with Verbal–Spatial Contrast IQ (an index of intellectual asymmetry) in108 first-degree relatives without psychosis of probands with schizophrenia. Higher genetic liability was significantly associated with greater intellectual asymmetry in favour of verbal skills. Intellectual asymmetry with a relative superiority of verbal skills to spatial skills represents a putative endophenotype of schizophrenia."performance+IQ"+schizophrenia&source=bl&ots=qt4K4aoxjS&sig=ngPBO0tlVxyj3LBim-RdG5HC2Z4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjS_4yPpMLOAhVDD8AKHYzJCD8Q6AEIYzAJ#v=onepage&q="performance%20IQ"%20schizophrenia&f=false

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The did a bunch of tests on me, some of the results I agree on some are not even close. They said I have a low verbal IQ which I agree on, I have a higher than average IQ for a person of my age and education, not higher than most in the population.

Other tests I did not agree on, like personality traits, how hard I tried, they said I did not, but it drove me crazy and I did try. Not sure when the tests were created and they are just to general and limited in how you can answer. Like it says have you abused alcohol, of course I have but its been years since I ever did. So it is not current results.

When you challenge the results their answers are weak and in a unsure tone, when they gave the results it was in a very confident tone, have to take it all with a grain of salt I think

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Ima super smartass…wild imagination verbally a challenge worthy of the well versed…above average IQ but low functionality…

I got tested by a psychologist to 120 IQ

Well I have a question that is not really that linked with the question posted. How do you search for papers and find them without having to pay. I know that some are free and some you have to pay for. Is there a way to get the ones you have to pay for without paying for it in an easy manner. I wanted to read some mathematical papers and some of them require payment. I’m not in a university now so I can’t use that use the resources of the university.

I’m asking because you seem to post a lost of content with scientific papers.

Is this the site that makes the journals free? @SzAdmin


No - this is the site:

Learn more about them here:


Start on Pubmed to find the papers you want - then find the PubMed ID (PMID) - at the bottom - and use that in the Sci-Hub website.

My official testing when I was younger labeled me as borderline retarded.

I did WAISS III, when I was checked for ADHD. My overall score was 87% higher than general population. But I found out I have a learning disability. I can’t learn through listening. I need to do and read.

My test leader also said if they were to count my ability…inabilty to concentrate, I’d have the IQ of a worm.

My two highest scores on the test was logic (170) and visual (150). Don’t remember what was the lowest, but the score was 78.

This was before I crashed completely and burned my brain to a piece of coal. My logic is slowly slowly coming back. That saves me from tangeling myself up in delusions.

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No, not a real proper one. I did several times do an intelligence test that comes on tv here regularly. Supposedly it is designed by people who know their stuff in the field, but one has to consider that it is also entertainment. What makes me think it is not all bullcrap is that they show the average of all people participating. This was a bit higher than it should one year, and they made it more difficult the next year to get the average back to about 100.

Anyway, just like you my worst category is spatial orientation. This test has this element, where you’d see a car in GTA drive a few blocks. Then you’d have to point on the map its starting and end point. I’m horrible at that. My strengths are in analagous reasoning and logic - but I was formally educated in the latter so there you go already.

What I take more seriously is some cognitive testing that I did as part of a medication trial. I will have the last follow up with more tests in a few weeks, and then I will get my personal results over two years. Would be interesting to see if I got better or worse. Tasks like memorizing strings of 15 words, Tower of London-type tasks (love those), associative thinking (like: name as much words that start with a P), and then some. I don’t think I will get to see how I perform in comparison to a norm though.

As for your upcoming programme: I bet you’ll do fine. The best so-many of the undergrad should have no major problems in the graduate programmes, and you were among those best.