IQ testing

Opinions? I don’t trust the tests anymore

I’d like to have an informed opinion but it just doesn’t register with me. I can be plenty smart in some areas and totally dumb in others. My math real good. I just don’t know how accurate things are with them and life is about living anyways so it just doesn’t cross my paths.

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Why don’t you trust them?
They are basically the gold standard of written tests.

Because they over estimate my iq

Why do you think they overestimate it?

I’m around average and I got ”above average” on an IQ test

It’s pretty difficult to score better on an IQ test than your level of intelligence would suggest. You can fake bad (at least somewhat) but you can’t fake good.


Things like insecurity and so on can make us feel like we are less capable at times. But such feelings are not very good evidence for assessing our abilities.

I honestly don’t stretch my intelligence much these days, so I’d probably score very badly.

Unfortunately I discovered that using my brain in the higher gears in a full time job just does not suit me anymore.

To much stuff to process and too many broken parts that just make me stressed/anxious/paranoid/delusional/depressed - then eventually psychotic

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What if I scored 90 or so as a 5yo and 120 when I was 14

IQ normally changes as you grow up, and you might not have done your best when you were tested when you were 5.

many times they do them to see if you qualify for services,
though I’ve never had one done,
my son has though.

It doesn’t test negative symptoms which reduce practical intelligence. I scored good according to a therapist but yet I stay in bed all day everyday, can’t even really watch movies or read books, no motivation. I can’t even exercise.

She told me that I am wasting my intelligence but she didn’t seem to understand what negative symptoms are, she blames me saying I want to stay in bed. My pdr understands.


i don’t think the iq tests mean much. i score 87 on an iq test but i think i’m smarter than that. When i say it to people they can’t imagine i only score 87…

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It doesn’t measure practical, emotional and social intelligence.


yea totally… that’s why i think it doesn’t matter much

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that doesn’t sound like fun to me, to stay in bed all day,
unless you’re having sex.

Lol no I don’t, in bed I vape, listen to music and browse this forum and other websites, yt videos, etc I watch Family Guy, Narcos and a few other shows on Netflix. Sometimes I game on my pc next to my bed for 30min/day.

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okay. phone in bed hurts my arms, and gives me a big neck ache.

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