Anyone else write music?

I havent finished a song since my symptoms appeared

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@Patrick writes songs :smile:

Also @sleepoptimistic

I make music but since starting Olanzapine creativity kinda walked out on me. Still keeping at it though, it’s fun. Bass player mostly but I dabble in guitar and a little keyboards.

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I’m a song writer that takes Olanzapine as well I think it has had a negative effect on my creativity too.

I try to write catchy songs like Max Martin.

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I can’t class myself as a songwriter unfortunately, I don’t have the arrangement skills. I’m best with engineering/production. I can’t arrange for ■■■■!
I do enjoy it though, it’s great fun. :smile:
Yeah the Olanzapine does dent the creativity but life without it is too much so I deal with it as best I can.

Have you published anything online for a wee listen?

Nothing on line at the moment but I’ll think about putting some up. :smile:

Yes, I play guitar and sing. I’m not great, but not too shabby either.


You don’t give yourself enough credit. This is mine


I used to write little raps for the hell of it but since 2 years ago I’ve only written 2 things and ones incomplete. Im taking basic music theory right now in school to get down some rhythm and make me look at the music i listen to differently and appreciate it more. I’d call myself more of a connoisseur then a creator though I don’t really judge it nor judge what other people listen to maybe more of an enthusiast/historian. Though I still write poetry and stories a lot


No. Not creative or talented enough.

Ello Errrone ,

e(Y)e’m In Tha Mood To Upload Nonsense So Lemme Know If You Are Interested … ,

Here’s A Weirdo V(Y)D I Jus Made ,


■■■■■■■ whoa

This is the coolest thread ever… the videos actually work this time

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Poetry + beats= chill :heart:

I love how chill you are in your videos. And your voice is lovely. Do you listen to Nick Drake or Bert Jansch?

Yeah, I love this thread.

Keep 'em coming, guys!

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Super Thanks Yo ,

I Love Tha SonggG PLACE TO BE (by) NICK DRAKE ,

I Once Read About NICK DRAKE , That Someone Wrote About How They Could Hear Him Coming Up With Songs In Tha Middle Of Tha Nite , Thot That Was Cool … ,

I Dunno N E Thang Boud Bert Jansch But He’s Probs Cool Too …

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I love your style. For some reason your inflections reminded me of Nick Drake.

Seems you like folk music too, huh? I love it. I’ve been listening to Gillian Welch a lot lately, but she’s more Americana, I’d say.

Hmm ,

I Honestly Don’t know Much About " Folkish " Music ,

I Think Tha Closest I Can Get Is ALLISON KRAUSS and Tha Song " I’ll Fly Away " ,

Probs Naught All That Close , To Be Completely Honest , But Im Sleepie On That Genre …

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She sings that with Gillian Welch :slight_smile: