Thoughts on music?

Do you listen to music? I find it hard to listen to music since I’ve been put on invega. It just reminds me of how numb I am…anyone feel the same way?

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I’ve been drumming for 20 years I love music!


When I am psychotic music gives me secret messages and I think songs were written about me all genres


What med are you on? I was a guitarist but can’t really play anymore because my motor skills are bad and I don’t hear music anymore.

I listen to music a lot, like near enough all day. It’s the only thing that actually keeps me going sometimes.


Constantly. I even run my own online station as a hobbyist.

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Same here


I listen daily. In hospital all day long.


I listen to music and audio books… Music calms me and keeps me awake at the same time it helps me a lot


I don’t listen to it constantly but when I do listen to music it’s kinda nice.

But I really am looking forward to getting a job so that I can get Spotify or anything.

My favourite thing doing whilst listening to music is jogging!

I might come off meds one day and do that again!

But not yet sure


I’m not schizophrenic.



What is your diagnosis?

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Psychosis Non organic.

Psychosis Non organic.”

Sooo…You got diagnosed by a Health Food Store cashier? :wink:

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I have no idea what it means. Could be psychosis NOS actually.

Which means not otherwise specified.

Or something like that :woman_shrugging:

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i love music, i listen music every day in the evening.
also when i’m in a good period i make my own music but currently that is not working out =p

Haldol 10 mg I have no side effects but a lot of people do

I try to listen but I am usually at home or at work so I don’t get to experience new albums too much or anything and end up listening to familiar things.
But I love to practice and play my own original stuff and playing drums gives me a crazy natural high of dopamine rush it’s crazy lol.

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What med are you on?

I think it’s a pretty darn good idea and I think it’s here to stay.

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I probably listen once a week to music. Can not do it everday anymore.