Anyone else struggle with depression?


It’s difficult to describe how it feels when even family can’t realize what depression is like. I get depressed when people tell me I’m not trying hard enough, let alone my younger brother saying this. I took a friend’s lexapro recently and it helped so much, but I also got a lot of emotions back and it was hard to relate because I’m not used to it. I am going crazy with depression and I’m just not happy with everything.

Also, I’m told not to focus on bigger ideas but focus on local and small jobs. It gets to a point where advice is not wanted. I don’t need people to put me down all the time about what I haven’t accomplished. It’s rude. Exercise doesn’t make depression magically disappear and I’m tired of people not getting it. It’s not like I’m trying to broadcast my issues.

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Im suicidal and im not a troll

Ive had depression since I was a kid. I know how difficult it can get - I feel your pain. The best thing for major depression are meds for it. I hope things get better for you

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Your right, exercise doesn’t make it disappear. Meds do that. Exercise helps maintain once you get to a good level. But it doesn’t fix everything.

When I was first recovering, exercise didn’t do it. Meds did. Exercise works NOW! If I were a recharging battery, I’d be at 65%. Then exercise works pretty well. But if my battery was at 0? Then it would take a lot of energy to start that first jolt.

Talk to the doc and see if there is something that will help you…

I know you just said “advice isn’t wanted” but on the Family thread of this site, have you tried printing out some of the “Black Dog” pictures and using them to educate your family about depression? I’ve been using them on some of mine and I think some of it is sinking in.

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I’m schizoaffective, so I struggle with depression quite a bit. I have really long periods where there isn’t much feeling at all, I call it the grey plain. In my experiences, J is right about exercise being effective once you’ve achieved a baseline mood again. while depressed, if i can get myself to do something exercise like, it basically equates to something to do for 30 minutes or whatever that temporarily takes my mind off of things. Depression is a destructive monster I’ve lived with for about twenty years now. All things concerned I feel like my life has been set back by about ten years with all the stops and starts that come with depression. I often paint some pretty good pieces when I’m depressed but have the energy to hold a brush. Art in some form is an anchor for me to the real world in a sense, whether i’m depressed or experiencing bizarre hallucinations or delusion. I’ve had to learn to accept that my life will move forward at it’s own speed, which is very different from the average person and is nearly always misunderstood as some negative personal traits. Hang in there, feel free to vent about it if you need to. I hate depression.

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yes i totally understand i think sometimes depression can just be chemical and when your well for ages and then become depressed its like why now? its all very confusing and shocking i even phoned the samaritons today as much use as if i had been talking to my garden wall lol. hope you feel better soon tcx



I am sza so i have depression as well, whenever i feel depression i just take one capsule of amino acids and my mood becomes normal for a week and than i take another capsule. My pdoc wants to give me med for that, but i refuse to take. Vitamin does miracle for me. Why should i take med every day if i can just take one vitamin and its good for a week, and there is no side effect.

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I took mirtazapine for my depression,it helped,but I still had problems though,problems did not solved magically

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I suffer from low self esteem and depression daily. I take Cymbalta for it but it doesn’t help much.

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You would prefer being depressed to taking lexapro and the feelings you get with it? Are you taking an antidepressant? Sometimes I’m not good at reading. Something as simple as the right pill can make things a whole lot better. I don’t get any noticable side effects the antidepressant I take.



Taking someone else’s med without checking for interaction or the build up it takes for it to work = bad buissness.
My Mom does that too. She always thinks I am in just a bad mood and it’s nothing to worry about until I get suicidal.
I admit, having only gotten out of depression’s grip for a year then 1 1/2 years now (it’s back) I sympathize.
Don’t let them hustle you into thinking being depressed is just God’s plan for you. I slipped back into depression because I didn’t see the warning signs and I have been depressed for so long I didn’t notice it creeping up on me… It’s kinda like sz. You win or you die trying.
Be a warrior :wink:



I get depressed. I suppose I’m depressed now considering I haven’t done anything productive lately…

My family is stuck in the motions of work and life, but they seem to deal with it by being present-minded. They always tell me that I think too much, but it really is something I can’t help. I find myself asking numerous questions and clueless about what my future looks like. I once had a clear picture but now I haven’t a clue. I can’t easily throw myself into the moment like they do. It bothers me a lot, especially since I don’t know many people who I can talk to truthfully.

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I’m slowly coming out of my depression. Zoloft has been helping, so has regular exercise. But the thing that helps me most, what Djinn mentioned is mindfulness. Not dwelling on the past or future, and not judging the emotion of sadness. Just let it be and ruminating on it makes it worse.



I have started feeling more depressed lately, I probably should not think what has happened in the past and just to focus on the future. I had my first real depression episode in 2003 and then I used some mind technology called Supermind. It worked. Then in 2004 I went to depression again and recovered from it by using some clinical psychological methods.