Going Under


Lately my depression is worsening. Late last night I felt deep dark depression, the kind that makes you feel like you are drowning in a vast and dark ocean. I see my doctor next week, I was trying to avoid big changes to my med cocktail last time, but I have no choice now. I am in a constant chronic mild to moderate depression with shifts into deep depression.
She will have to add a new med to my cocktail, the adjustments on my current meds are not working.



Simple exercise like taking a walk is proven to boost your mood. Easy for me to say.

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Sometimes the right pill can make a world of difference.

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I have the same problem with depression as you do.

Its chronic mild depression, which flares to med-high depression when I stop exercising.

I am not on an antidepressant just abilify, I control the depression through exercise as per psychiatrists suggestion.

Acupuncture is really working for me in a tremendous way.

I used to run 3-4 times a week and that worked out a treat, however I find I am getting better results by changing to swimming everyday. I am planning to get back into lifting weights again.

If you are interested in some Further research on depression, do a search on, and go to treatments.

They have over 100 treatments, they explain which ones work and which ones don’t, I have not seen a more thorough investigation of depression in my life.

I have adopted over 20 suggestions out of the list and am doing them everyday.

Also google black dog institute, they have a more summarised version.

Hope I have helped you.



I know exercising might help some, but with my history of mood instability including depression, I am realizing that my current med cocktail is geared to help with psychosis and mania, not so much depression. I was on Abilify for years, and although it didn’t help me in most areas, it did help with depression. Lately I have even less motivation to do things, but I will really try hard and walk a bit. It can’t hurt. But I am also going to talk to my doctor about my med situation.
Thanks for your advice guys, I really appreciate it.

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diet and exersize oily fish and green veggies and pumpkins seeds and apples zinc is a mineral mainly found in seafood and many people don’t get enough of it pumkin seeds. I was very depressed a few months ago and typed utube foods to beat depression and who new blueberries can help beat depression and bananas. now sinse ive been eating healthier and exersizing regularly I feel a hell of a lot better my skin has cleared up and ive lost weight. I know that depression and just no it will eventually go away again even if it doesn’t feel like it tc.



Yeah to be honest Ive been eating like crap lately since this deeper depression took a hold of me. It’s funny you mentioned healthier foods. I decided tonight that I am going to have to change my diet and eat healthier foods. My blood sugar levels have risen, and I don’t look so healthy. This healthier lifestyle all starts tonight. Thanks for your sound advice.



i have chronic depression , though they use a funny word for it , so i know how you feel, and i genuinely care what you are going through.
take care



my mood sometimes goes from good to bloody awful really fast, it just dips like a nose dive or a free fall, i wish i knew what triggers these dips in my mood so i could at least try to stop them, it is something i need to talk to my p/doc about, something i need to become aware of,

luckily i do have certain things i can do to lift my mood, certain distractions like making a nice cup of tea, the distraction is making it and the reward is drinking it and it has a side effect too (it helps me relax) i have other things i do but that is the best by far.

sorry about your depression, i hope you feel better soon x

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I know exercise is not easy when u feel like that but it helps and so does acupuncture a lot actually. And sometimes antidepressants fart out after a certain length of time which blows cuz then u have to switch and wait for the new one to kick in. Walking helps me and so does eating fresh food. And funny shows!



Thanks darksith - daydreamer- mcxmac Your support and advice means a lot. I have started to walk a bit more yesterday and plan on eating less and healthier. I am trying to distract myself by doing more things, but my motivation is not so good - worse than it is normally. When I get stressed out and more depressed, my hunger increases so it is difficult. I see my pdoc next week- lets see what happens. :smiley:

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“Screen your calls”. Stop watching shows and reading books that bring ya down. Surround yourself with only the things you like. Its your world. You don’t have to listen to anybody. Especially if all they do is bring ya down. Make your life what you want it to be. Nobody else is in charge.



Sorry I can’t help I have ofton felt I had take or drank something that made me that way and only time well help! I get sad over the little things that I see and inter sad when I feel defeeted god knows why but in the end I’m stell hear!