Anyone else never giving up smoking?

It’s just so relaxing, and a perfect way to start my day. All the hacking and wheezing really clears my throat.


I really want to quit but it’s so hard. I love smoking. Especially blowing it out my nose lol.

Man I love blowing Os but I’m terrible at it. I want to quite but I just love it so much.

I say, “If it makes you happy, do it.” It’s a good rule to follow. It has helped me immensely. I still smoke too. Half a pack a day. I plan to quit this year though. I used to smoke 3/4 of a pack a day. Progress!


That rule is also very good in terms of the voices, (in my circumstance) like if they tell me to hurt myself, I have to think, “Do I want to? No.” so I don’t. But if they tell me to dance then I will if I’m in a dancing mood. :smiley:

It’s purely an addiction I just quit today wish me gl


I think I got a problem, I smoke close to 3 packs a day.

smoking is great… i will carry on with it

i’ve seen posts in vaping forums where people have said they love their addiction to nicotine

maybe i could give up, but… if i had a psychotic break i’d be back on them i know

i’m not afraid of all the scary pics they put on packets of cigarettes

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My voices have been telling me to hurt myself lately. I think yes i’ll listen because otherwise they threaten to hurt my family.

Hate it now, but see no way of quitting , I have no support really and would lose my mind quitting. even just a few hours my stomach is just turning and I get really cranky.

I switched to vaping which is cheaper and healthier and just as good once you get used to it. But I don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon, realistically.

Mine too. I cut myself a couple days ago because they kept saying if I didn’t they would hurt my family and if I cut myself they said they would go away.

I vape now. Vaping has been the most effective way for me to quit. I don’t miss or crave smoking now.

Vaping is getting better all the time, and quite a nice hobby.

I recently bought zero nicotine e-liquid so will see how that goes.

I’ve always liked the imagery of smoking, but I may quit someday just to prove to myself that I can. Shrug

The voices are hallucinations, they can’t hurt you or your family, please don’t comply to their commands

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Minnii is right, and her advice is always golden. The voices I hear used to threaten me, my family, and even humanity, sometimes over something as simple as which cereal I wanted for breakfast. It’s terrifying, beyond terrifying, but don’t give the negative voices in your mind the satisfaction of seeing you hurt yourself (Not that disembodied sz voices can feel satisfaction, but…still). You’re worth more than that. All sz sufferers are more than that.

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I used to smoke 40 cigs per day, but when the government raised the taxes on them in a bid to curb smoking, I quit cold turkey. Sometimes if I am having a quiet drink I crave a cigarette, but generally I steer clear. I’m lucky now because I’m not around smokers so it has become easier.

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I like smoking and have no intention of quitting :slight_smile:

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I don’t know where i would be without cigarettes. My life is really hard to bear and i feel cigarettes are my only break. I cant really even feel the pleasure in my brain, maybe once in a while, but i still love em’. I smoke 25-30 a day

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Can’t smoke like that for very long

I reached 60+ A day
So I had to stop