Anyone else never giving up smoking?

I was smoking close to sixty a day but it gave me a nasty smokers’ cough.

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I dont cough now. But overall i averaged like 9 pack/years. That is 1 pack a day for 9 years.

I drink coffee and black tea because of the fact my genomics are not conducive of everlasting work day in and day out that I must commit to.

I’m deep in a project going on a few years now, my family has me on exile status (good riddance), my girlfriend is done with me because my project hasn’t completed yet, and I live in a place where I should not be (they hate me) only because it’s cheap. So it’s coffee and tea to keep the midnight oil burning.

Smoking isn’t something I respect any more. When I was a kid, it was that real lug in the mouth stud boy look. I always knew to quit at some point, and when it was time, I just stopped. I started again several years later because I needed the stimulation while I was working some hard, risky, and long duration kind of work days. Then I changed job projects, and I stopped again. I was even looking through my belongings in storage, and I found a half pack and a full pack of cigarettes, but I have no need.

I even stopped drinking. I used to drink a little now and then, but I fully quit…not even a fun shot. I also became Vegan and very conscious about what is in the food…prefer organic.

The idea is to live as long as possible, so I can get as much work done as possible. I learned that people that never drank or smoked anything are very intelligent as seniors. I also learned that Vegans live a lot longer with a lot less health problems. That’s what I’m going to be as much as possible, so I’ve been on track to get there.

The best thing I did was to quit smoking, now I do not even like the smell of tobacco when others smoke it.