Is quiting smoking hard for a day

Is quiting cigarettes hard to do for just a day. I can’t seem to do it and my voices say it’s because iam the chosen one


lol the voices.

Did you try to get nicotine from other sources to help you quit?

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Yeah patches and I vape

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It feels like the voices take over and I either vape or smoke this has been going on for two years

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Damn voices, how long can they take over? What would happen if you have no cigarettes around?

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iv always have cigs around or a vape but they take over all day

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If the voices take over then it’s not you who’s smoking and is the weakest being is it.

Good point but they say I make the choice though it feels like its not really my choice when I feel like all I want to do is vape or smoke

I think im gonna die without them.

with out cigs? It feels like hell when I don’t have one especially in the morning

Yes I feel like They are protecting me from dark devils.

I did have a showman tell me that the smoke clears bad energy but if that were true I’d be the most clear person ever cuz I used to smoke alot and it would feel like I was clearing some thing

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