How to Quit Smoking while having symptoms

Hello, I need some advice. How do i quit smoking cigars if my voices keep repeating the word cigar in my head all day. I do vape, so i get all the nicotine i want. So there’s no addiction to cigars since my vaping gives me all the nicotine i want. How do i quit with all these voices telling me to keep smoking?

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For me it was a smoke craving so now I burn incense instead.

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I’m going E- cigarettes atm. Any thing the doctors can prescribe does conflict with my meds. E - cigs seem the way to go atm as have heard of many giving the habit that way. Also a it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. I’m saving like $430AD a month doing it that way.

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Make sure there’s no cigars in the house?

No cigars in the house and yes vaping is very cheap. I make my own juice and coils so i spend like $2 a day

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Change it to have a puff then they’ll start saying that

There was no easy way to quit tobacco for me, and yes it made my voices worse before it got better but it was a price I had to pay. My pdoc gave me a 6 month nicotine patch plan, its been over a year now and I haven’t looked back.

Remember that the voices are just bullies who have no physical body to force you into doing things you don’t want to do. They are jerks and you can shove their stupid words back at them by doing the opposite of what they ask. My voices try to make me stop working out, but they are just losers who want me to be miserable. So I go swimming and do ten extra laps just to show them they’re not the boss of me.


That’s good advice Ninjastar.

Still trying to quit…made it to day 3 then started having psychosis…What should i do? How do i quit?