Anyone else have OCD too? What meds work for you?

Do any meds make your ocd/instrusive symptoms worse? Which meds work for you?

I read about something called ap-induced ocd which is a adverse reaction usually from 2nd gen APs in which the user gets a flare up of ocd symptoms/intrusive thoughts only from taking meds, which I’m pretty sure happened to me recently

I had “mild” ocd previously, now it’s way worse and more debilitating on Risperdal. Hoping someone can chime in with their experiences…

I’ve never been diagnosed, but I’m pretty sure I had it when I was younger. Having to do things a certain number of times…having to spin in circle at bottom of stairs to “unwind”, Having to do things in a certain order…etc. Mine has definitely faded with age, but I still on rare occasion get the urge to do something illogical. It’s pretty rare these days though.

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I dont take meds for it I just try to manage it. It gets out of hand at times with checking things.

I literally ruin taps and knobs on water faucets lol

Yes i have this real bad i tried ocd meds but it didnt help the intrusive thoughts and made me crazier i just live with it sometimes its real bad but lately its been ok

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How do you manage without meds? That sounds hard to deal with! I guess i dont have it as bad as someone officially diagnosed. Its more of a symptom lately as a side effect from taking meds for sza, which are making me think i might actually have it to begin with

Sorry to hear that. Which meds made them worse?

I tried fluvoxamine

I think risperidone got rid of my ocd but I am not diagnosed with ocd, I just believe I had it.

olanzapine gives me ocd and intrusive thoughts.

I supplement with NAC for the ocd, and niacin + vitamin d for intrusive thoughts. Major improvement in my case.

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I’ve had OCD since I was a kid but the risperidone that I am taking makes it worse.

I used to take Ativan for OCD and anxiety. It didn’t stop the intrusive thoughts but it did keep me in a calmer state in general. Though that calmer state was more like blunted affect.

I’m on Abilify and Wellbutrin right now and I don’t have many issues with OCD anymore. Just the occasional checking and stair skipping. Granted, I don’t think that’s a result of my meds fixing the OCD. I think the OCD faded with age as Bowens mentioned. But what I’m getting at is that these particular meds don’t make the OCD worse for me.

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I don’t have OCD but I do have social anxiety. I get anxious around certain people sometimes.