Do nurses try to find inconsistencies to discredit you?


Right now I think they are just feeding me enough rope to hang myself with. Am not going to let them in the house anymore.


You sound like you’re losing insight. Arrange an appointment with your psychiatrist for as soon as possible and get him to sort your meds.

Seroquel is doing nothing for you at this point.


So guys. I am all over the place today. One hour I’m anxious, then I’m a bit happy. The next I don’t trust my nurses.

I think maybe I don’t mix well with Valium and it makes me a bit disinhibited.have thrown my remaining pills away.


They’re not trying to discredit you, they are simply trying to determine the state of your health. This is all being done with your best interest at heart and zero intent to harm you. PLEASE continue to allow them access to you and to follow direction. It does sound like you are heading towards a relapse. This is from one SZ to another, I promise they are NOT trying to hurt you.

Sending good vibes your way…




Thanks @MrSquirrel. I sometimes worry the nurses are in fact undercover welfare officers. This is a really fixed idea of mine.

I honestly think my 2mg of Valium last night and 2mg this morning has effected me though. I feel not right at all. I know your not supposed to but I flushed them.


Believe me, I get it. It’s just not good to let this idea go to far in case you completely lose insight and do something you shouldn’t. (e.g. I worry that my pacemaker is implanted tracking tech – tried to remove it myself once, but passed out from the pain. This is why it’s so important to follow medical directions.)

Sending more (((hugs))) sir. Please keep us posted on how you’re doing?



I can understand that fear. I’ve gone through periods entertaining the possibility that mental health workers are agents of the State. This was when I was getting stressed worrying over benefit changes. It’s not true though. Many mental health nurses may know F all about benefits, but they are not out to trap you or I .


Please let the Nurses into your home @anon35166066.
They are there to help you.
No one is out to harm you.

Please contact your psychiatrist as soon as yo can.
You may need a med adjustment.


Thanks @MrSquirrel and @firemonkey and @Wave . Am not sure if I am feeling desperate or maybe slightly hypomanic. My thoughts are having flights of fancy and I have pressure to speak.

I phoned my nurses and gushed an apology for asking them to leave my house. I told them I thought they were trying to trip me up and I am sorry. They said it was fine, but just asked if I was ok. I think they are concerned about me. I am glad I have their help.

To the whole forum I am sorry if I am posting loads. The filter between my brain and my mouth seems to be a bit broken.


The pressured speech could be due to you being in a highly anxious state.


Thanks for looking that up for me. Being due to a highly anxious state would fit, because I don’t think I have a mood problem.


We understand. We’re just really happy that you trust us enough to come here and share. Don’t stop sharing and don’t apologize for it!

:blush: :hugs: :heart:


@firemonkey think maybe this might be going on too


It’s really good that you reach out to the forum when you’re struggling @anon35166066. This is a very supportive community and I see that folks on this thread have provided compassionate and sound advice.

I’m pretty impressed with the fact that your mental health care team are able to come out to your apartment everyday to check in with you and to make sure you’re doing ok.

Continue keeping in regular contact with your mental health care team and also contact your pdoc to let them know how you’re feeling.

I hope you start to feel better soon!


I don’t think your team is trying to discredit you. I know the feeling though. I have thoughts my pdoc is trying to trip me up and out me as a malinger. I feel like this the most when my thoughts are racing but if I think about it my pdoc has been consistent with me and I hasn’t read anything in my notes to support that he thinks I’m a malinger.

It sounds like your having a mix affective episode. I hope your pdoc sorts things out for you.


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