Are nurses hard on you? [poll]

are nurses generally hard on you or not?

  • very hard on me
  • hard on me
  • neither hard nor soft
  • soft on me
  • very soft on me
  • other or both

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nurses in my clinic have generally been very hard on me,

I dont see Nurses …

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Ihad one experience being on the ward ten years ago where I was at the med window and just off the top of my head said “here for my medication” and this gruff old nurse said "I take medication…you people take “MEDS!”

Jesus christ, a good example of stigma within the mental health system, which is epidemic, especially fed by the current model and their approach of detatchment and the result of the huge emphasis on medical model treatment resulting in the patient being simply a number, just another patient. The whole thing I feel has resulted in an US and THEM mentality. We aren’t like them when in truth we are, just in a different circumstance in life which can be reversed easily. Hell I’ve been in treatment with a woman who had been a staff member at the very same place she was then being treated as a patient.

But the last few times, other than being purposefully given patient’s scrubs two sizes too small at admittance by a young nurse or aid or tech whatever you never really know what they are, no there wasn’t too much derision to my face anyway. Not that I could have stood up for myself, I was gone, my mind was obliterated. There was one nurse who while administering medication asked me if I lived alone, which I said I did and she was like “well at least you don’t have to depend on a woman to get by” or something of the sort and before I could respond which I couldn’t she proceededed to talk as if I’d never known or lived with a woman in my life which is very much not the truth. I hate that I was in this state of obliteration with no attention span at the time, but I also hate when people judge like this, because you really can’t know what someone’s life experience has been.

My brother’s nurse has regular group session meetings with the sz patients. I sat in on some of these meetings. I was horrified. He used the meetings as an opportunity to mentally and verbally abuse the patients! I immediately stopped my brother from going to the meetings.

Oh man. When I was in the long term hospital there were some real pretty nurses. Above average in the looks department. I was 21 years old and the best looking one started innocently flirting with me when I first got in.
Like Bob Segar sang, “She was a dark haired beauty with big brown eyes”. I was diggin’ it.

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