Nurses dont want to know

i had an appointment with my nurse and it didnt go well,

they seem to think i can do everything on my own but i was trying to say i cant and i need help but at the same time i dont and i’m like idk what i want, i was like well i take medication and i guess that makes me mentally ill and if i dont take them i will fall apart,

its really annoying and upsetting bc idk where i am at with them as they seem to want to pull back and let me go on my own, i wish there was someone there that i could talk to properly other than just the duty nurse when i need it bc sometimes it is the big horrible man who treats you like an idiot and bullies you off of the phone.

i need more than just a phone call sometimes though i need to talk to someone like a real person face to face and not just my p/doc, she said i dont need them bc all i am looking for is someone to chat with every now and then and she is supposed to be there to help me with mental health issues not every day issues.

its pretty messed up :frowning:

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I know it’s hard. I was in a transition where I was doing well enough that the nurses didn’t come as often, but I wasn’t doing as well as I am now.

The nurse told me that for every one of my trying to get better there are two to three others getting worse. So eventually he had to tell me he just couldn’t come anymore and turned me on to support groups and other resources.

It’s not easy and I remember how forgotten and kicked aside I felt. It really hurt my feelings but there wasn’t any thing I could do about it.

I hope you find a group or a counsellor or someone who can help you get through the hard days.


Well, you can’t explain if you don’t know what’s bothering you. Or do they think you are keeping the dark issues from them? Are you?