Brain dead

I sometimes wonder if mental health staff are brain dead. Went for depot and was asked how I was. For once I said rather than deflecting with a “not bad/so so” answer. Said I’d been sleeping about 4 hours and had not had a good week that way. Mentioned the bedtime paranoia night before last and the busy mind yesterday. She just smiled at me and said “You’re sleeping ok then” quickly followed by " You’re doing Ok?(rhetorical)
FFS how dumb can you get! Then they wonder why patients keep quiet. It’s like talking to a brick wall.


Lesson Number 1. If asked by a mental health nurse how you are doing give a vague reply. That way you won’t get frustrated telling them how it’s really been only to get a ■■■■■■■ stupid response.

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Very few human beings on this world wants to know how your really are.
Everyone is just protecting their comfort.

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People dont like negativity especially when you barely know them. So if your answer was ‘i feel really great because x and x and x’ she wouldve replied differently im sure.

I’m sorry. My doc does the same thing. I’m the one always asking questions and thinking of ways to improve my health. He just nods ad sometimes even asks the same questions a couple of times.

have you thought of doing some sort of exercise? it might improve your sleep?

My psychiatrist is looking for big things to happen.

If I am not a danger to myself or others then I am doing well, according to her.

She lets a lot of my symptoms pass through - If I am not Manic, Deeply depressed of psychotic then I am doing well - she basically ignores my anxiety, OCD, and paranoia.

Seems like she is more interested in treating the major stuff - you now the Emergency type symptoms - I have to manage with the majority of my symptoms on my own.


I’m sorry they are so wrapped up in going through the motions that you weren’t listened to.

I hope you have better luck and a more attentive nurse next time…

But I agree… in that situation… I’d just stop talking as well.