Do voices actually go away or people make that up

I distrust my doctor and others cus I think they’re just giving me hope do they actually disappear completely for some people or not

Not for me. I here voices everyday. They did go away for some time after I started haldol but now they r back

My hallucinations disappeared mostly for long stretches… They are a bit inconvenient currently but not bad

My voices and delusions of reference went away about 20 years ago.

I think it’s related to stress too.
So you can take your meds and if you have a bad day, they may not work as well.

I think if I went on a Hawaiian vacation, I would feel better like a quick shot of prolixin.

My hallucinations are like gone. I still get flashbacks about them though, that are quickly followed by anxiety attacks. I no longer witness horrible things that nobody else can see!

Voices are trickier. I no longer hear them really loudly. I no longer believe they are being telepathically projected into my mind via high tech gadgets. I no longer am so distracted by voices that I cannot pay attention to what people are saying. There is no constant stream of incredibly loud voices, instead they’re more like echoes that cause anxiety. I usually only hear echoes when I’m stressed out or angry.

Still, I know what the voices would say if I could still hear them. It’s like an echo effect that is a chronic problem with me. I was thinking about trying the L-Theanine supplement for positive symptoms. Maybe that will help with what another member on here referred to as “residual voices.”

My voices went away/i stopped hearing them , well over 9 years ago i think.

During this time i managed to quit smoking and then got of my medication.
I was off medication for 8 years or so but was hospitalised about 2 years ago for disassociation and wierd thoughts n not coping everyday life tasks (no voices or hallucinations though).
So on olanzapine now.

Not sure how long i had them for.
Not many years.

They said things that hurt me and my body was hurting from the tension it caused and i had urinary problems etc too.
I could never really relax.
It was actually a very painful time and difficulty sleeping also.
Some how i managed to live alone in apartment with my dog and walk her 3 times a day even if it was just around building or further longer walks.

There were some cute guys but i was too messed up.

I binge drank back then. Not daily but i was to easy and behaviour awfle when so drunk.Dont think im my self when i drink so much in person.

I heard moaning also.
I dont like hearing others have sex n dont think im keen on watching pornos really either .
Was not neighbours. Heard it constantly.

Symptoms can go away and one can feel better and be happier than one has ever been.

I think i could in a way be happier now than ive ever been.

Because i know who n all i am n i love that even though my eons are not in my body that often its way better than when was child and was just apathy, empty, heavy, pain even hopeless feeling, overwhelming etc . I was never really in my body as a child but my eons were in other bodies and they felt fabulous on em as such.buzzing they were. while every step for me so heavy etc.on top of that i was not really truly loved and also bullied. They did not appreciate where eons came from etc.

It could n can be better/improve such as i want to have romantic relation ship n marry and have irl friends and more activity n exercise and few more hours of work perhaps.

As a young adult and teen i think i had someone else in my body who was pretty destructive and did not like me but it was not me. I know difference. :slight_smile:

Yeah. :slight_smile: Things can get better.
and One can stop hearing voices. It is possible.

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If you are refering to the statistic were it says that 25% of people with schizophrenia recover I kinda doubt it to be true. I wonder if that percentage of people didn’t have schizophrenia and instead had a temporary disorder that causes hallucinations. Still though it leaves some hope that “hey maybe someday it will go away”. Personally though I freak out whenever I start hearing voices again because I worry what will happen when my meds crap out on me. Still nothing to do but to keep on trying though.

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Medication doesn’t stop my attacks, and I’ve been on very high doses of potent antipsychotics in the past.

I take 40 mg of abilify a day and it made the voices go away. I noticed at low doses of respirdal that the voices were less frequent and less loud than without it. I switched over to abilify though because I gained 30 pounds approximately in two months. I used to take only 20 mg of abilify a day, but then then the voices came back, so I increased the dose to 30 mg a day, and then sometime later I started hearing whispers, so I increased it to 40 mg a day and now they are gone. I really hope I don’t have to increase any more than it is now.

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I havent heard voices for a year and im going to the doctor today and weve talked about reducing my meds i reduced my meds once a year ago so going well

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I hear voices. I’m on high dose abilify and seroquel. I’m learning mindfulness to reduce stress. Reduced stress might help with the voices.

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Some of it is all getting the right meds. Hardest thing for some people is actually missing the voices when they are stable.


I went through such a phase as well. Did not particularly miss them as I would miss a loved one, but I would just not entirely trust they were gone. When they had faded, I went through a period of me imagining what they’d say if they’d still be there. Realizing I did this was quite sobering but in a way also empowering with regard to the role I actively played in maintaining their presence.


Sz is an extreme condition, youll always get symptoms that persist.

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I’ve gone for months without symptoms, but that is when my meds are working optimally and I’m not pushing myself too hard. Right now I’m going hard at both work and with volunteer work and my Geodon appears to be losing its effectiveness. I’m still functional, but you can think of me as the Traveling Alien Road Show. All the crap in my head has also left me with a short fuse.


Geodon is a weak antipsychotic according to my pdoc. Have you considered maybe your symptoms are flaring up an it isnt the med thats failing? For me it was a matter of months before Geodon started failing for me.

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I’m functional enough that I’ve been able to get by on a low dose for the most part for years. I’d rather deal with some symptoms than get tranqed into a zombie fugue.

I’m actually seeing three different pdocs right now. My usual plus two others who have a research interest in me. They all agree that I’m acclimatizing to Geodon. They were wanting me off it anyhow for cardiac reasons, and it was me fighting to keep it (if it ain’t/wasn’t broke…). Looks like I’ll be moving to Rexuti.

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