Anyone do yoga?

Back in Alcoholics Anon. new to Al anon.

new Sponsor has mentioned she does Yoga.

I was pretty insane with it, it took over my life completely. It did an intensive teacher training equivalent to first year.
'I did some Ashtanga Primary Series for several years, lots of Hatha, Scaravelli (spell?) Kum Nye, Tai Chi, healing… was a shiatsu student for a bit… I did a couple of sessions of kundalini yoga…
had a spiritual experience and long before that i was in hospital doing hours of yoga a day or trying to learn sanskrit words for the poses.

I never got the breathing (it’s all in the breath). I never fully got the whole thing… i just always did it for the love of it

i wanted to teach. I had a lot of obsessions around people in the yoga community, did a lot of meditation retreats and yoga retreats involving meditation… silent all women’s retreats.

I know i don’t have to go back to it.
if i stay away from kundalini it might be safe
i really found that there is no way not to go a bit obsessed and really competitive… so far
i never “found myself” in AA until now - although 6 yrs sober and not getting the second half of step 1. it was not really sobriety

because meditation and yoga go together. i find that it is difficult to do any of either of these And maintain my centre

I would love to go back to it and get back to how i was, without the obsession.

I seem to be back in AA all these years later and EVERYTHING is new

maybe one day with spiritual practices i can come back to these as well

OMG a day at a time

I like yoga. I’ve been meaning to go for like two weeks now. The plan is to start next week. It’s very relaxing in the class n I like the stretches and challenges put on ur body by the poses. I think it’s great for u to go back to it without the obsession. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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I just got a yoga dvd going to try some at home

I have tried going back on and off for years.

i feel like i’m allergic to it

don’t know if i can make it right

i think i can do what is necessary in the 12 steps.
i will meditate and pray eventually
i think mindfulness classes might be possible.

I have so much stiffness and extra weight and years

I would be on a life plan to obsess about my body
i am also out the other side from bulimic phases…
there is nothing more important than my appearance to me
at least that seems to be the only thing that i think about - need to remember that i will one day not be so self seeking and will hopefully be able to do it socially… i’m also autistic and that is difficult

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Hm in that case maybe stay away from the yoga. I don’t like obsessions. They just exhaust and drain me so I try to avoid them if I can.
Mindfulness sounds like a good alternative if it doesn’t feel obsessive. It’s very beneficial to many people.
And I’m glad u feel u can do the twelve step process I like how seriously that process is taken by people like they really want a change.
I think everyone cares about their appearance n I try to not become obsessive but let go a bit by avoiding the mirror except for in the morning wen I get ready for the day etc. Otherwise I fall into a bad cycle of checking how I look during the day as if I’m worried that I don’t look good. As long as I’m looking after myself I shouldn’t be too concerned about how I look-easier said than done lol.

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Thanks Butterfly
I feel very heard
That was really good to hear your reply

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I’m trying to do 20min in the morning and 40min in the afternoon. Every day.
Once i succeeded in doing yoga for about two weeks, and omg never felt better. It fixed my posture so much that i felt taller.

I use DownDog app.

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I listen to the great yogateachers around. I do a lot of conscious breathing. That makes my life easier to bear.

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