Anyone do yoga? OR feel enlightenment when unweĺl? Or had an AA spiritual awakening?

Have you had spiritual experiences?

I do yoga, not as regularly as I used to. Plus now it’s usually kids yoga with the toddler. But I’ve never had a spiritual experience. I’m in no way spiritual, though. I don’t believe in all that.

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But you have a toddler and are schiz and you are human!
How do you define it

What’s your point? I’m also wearing a blue shirt for all that’s worth.

I think i mean you must have some idea of the energy in the human body - mind - heart etc
And do most schizophrenia sufferers get into yoga and find kundalini or shining skull etc

Or is that just too much for most people?

I kind of do not get it
Yoga is meant to be good for mental health

That’s too much.

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No one in my family gets it at all

Maybe excessive yoga

You should really stop editing your posts after people reply. You should just make another post.

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Okay I understand

I Did one Alexander lesson with a real master
I think im on my own with all this bhuddist / Hindu crap unless I get the courage to talk about this stuff to a western someone who relates

Alexander lessons are just posture technique sessions but bit works very deeply like getting your tension to disappear
over and over
bit by bit

it was enough with fasting and stress to bring me near to acute crisis…

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