Anyone do yoga/pilates/that sort of stuff?

I studied some really crazy yoga stuff for a psychology class. My lady friend can put her hands together, extend her arms, put them back over her head and then touch her butt, while I can put my arms up hardly 90 degrees.

I’m curious- I used to be flexible back in my Krav Maga days, I was very flexible, then I swelled up with muscle and now I can hardly do some stretches I used to do with ease. For powerlifting, I got was relatively flexible, those guys are really stiff and massive while I was in the 165lb weight class, now I weigh 180 because I decided that I wanted to look older. Now I have muscles to go along with my receding hairline and widow’s peak, and I’m only 21!

My back is stiff, I have to pop it a few times a day and especially right after I workout.

Anyone into yoga or whatever?

I used to. I highly suggest it. I run so I have to do stretches so I don’t hurt myself. I got hurt a lot less when I was doing a yoga class five days a week. I used to only do two days a week and I took a couple of dance classes. I don’t have the time now but I really need to start back. It’s one of those things that I don’t do unless I am forced to but it feels so good afterwards. You feel kinda limp and relaxed.

Have you tried a foam roller? I don’t do that as much as I should.


Yeah I use foam rollers and medicine balls for my back and IT bands

I’ve done aqua yoga. Some of the moves in a pool. It helps me stretch. So it’s more of a float and stretch then actual yoga. I’m happier in a pool then on land.

The one I don’t get is paddle board yoga… why do this on a long board?

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I really like yoga and Pilates. I took yoga in college and at local places. It’s really difficult to stick to an exercise with sz, at least for me it is. I’m hoping I can do both with weight training and cardio, that would be a goal or wish for me. I’m really out of shape right now.

Very cool. I think water exercises are calming

It really helps if you have a workout buddy @bhhurl1

I stopped working out for months after my work out buddy quit. I just couldn’t motivate myself without her.

i tried yoga once but i got a sore back and i didn’t go back :frowning:

i told everyone i did a yoga class and they were like ‘its no wonder your feeling like that’ lol

it was good at the time though and i felt really centred at times and the woman told me i was doing a perfect neck stand thing where your legs go over your head while balanced lol (probs what did my back in) lol

i do yoga , started 2 weeks ago…i do blokey yoga…no leotardes for me…!?!
take care :alien:


Yoga is great. You can always start off with beginners yoga, then advance. I break a pretty good sweat sometimes with some of those positions!! Really stretches you out.

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I totally 100% agree with the foam roller.

I went to a physio and she made me do it, its the best, gets rid of pain.

Also agree with yoga too.

It will make you a totally new person, a very calm person. It really speeds up ability to heal after an injury and reduces risk of injury too.

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Yes, I agree, it would help. I have paranoia sz and I did exercises for awhile but the paranoia will get me after awhile then I stop. I’m too far away for a buddy. I need more of a home exercise routine where I can also incorporate healthy eating and vitamins. I’m not sure how to do this.

Do you have tumblr? There is a blogger on there called backonpointe that posts really good workouts you can do yourself at home. Pintrest has good home workouts too, but just keep in mind that absolutely anyone can post on pintrest.

Okay thanks I just got a fitness app that looks really good. I’m guessing I work out once or twice a week. The app show 5 minute workouts situps, push ups, running in place

It’s called sworkit pro personal trainer

Its really very awesome pose on paddle board.