Anybody here take lamictal?

If yes do you experience any negative side effects?

hi! I take lamictal. I would say drowsiness is a side effect for me. I take 150 mg every day.

I haven’t noticed anything other than, though. It was good for stabilizing my moods. It helps me be more productive, too.

I also take abilify, prozac, and buspar—those caused other side effects like weight gain, so I don’t know if lamictal causes weight gain or not, since I added lamictal fairly recently to the medicine cocktail I am on…might not cause weight gain, but it does make me drowsy so I take it at night.

Thanks for the reply I think I’m gonna try taking it at night as well.

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I was on Lamictal for a while, my experience with it was not the greatest.

It made me mood cycle too much and kept me hypomanic for the most part - I acted very silly on it most of the time.

Also, it made me very wired and anxious, I could not tolerate more than 50 mg.

I no longer take it.

I had an allergic reaction to it, just drug rash, but stopped taking it after 2 weeks.

I am on 100 mg and i dont have any side effects

Very sedating, but I took it at night. A little bit more spacey than usual during the day.

Had to discontinue due to rash.

I’ve been taking it since dec/jan, up to 150mg. I don’t think I’ve experienced any side effects. I think I could probably increase the dose some more. It’s been weight neutral for me and I take it at bedtime.