Lamictal side effects, dosage?

What happened for you?

I used to take Lamictal 200 mg and had no side effects from it. It worked well for me. I don’t remember why the doctor i had at the time took me off of it. I didn’t have much luck with doctors there for a while. Anyways i have a good doctor now and she is slowly getting me back on Lamictal. I am at 50 mg now, going up to 100 in a week and eventually to 150. At that point we’ll see how i feel and talk about going up on it or not.

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Thanks for answering! :slightly_smiling_face:

Which symptoms did it improve?

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My moods mostly. Among the mood stabilizers, it is supposed to help more with depression, which is good for me because i have really severe depressions. It is a good med.

What were moods like before getting on it?

I get severely depressed and mixed episodes mostly. I don’t get super manic anymore like i did when i was younger. More irritability than euphoria. Lots of agitation. That’s it in a nutshell.

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What’re mixed episodes like for you?

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Ì take 125mg twice a day. I’ve been taking it for many years. It helps control my moods. Really no side effects from it.
When starting just be mindful of getting a rash. If you get the rash go to immediately

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Depressed mood, hopeless feelings, a lot of suicidal thinking combined with agitation, racing thoughts and a lot of energy. It’s awful. Worst thing i’ve ever dealt with.

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Sooo, no s/fx?

…What abt weight gain appetite sleep and motivation?

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I don’t recall having any side effects from it. The only thing is you have to slowly increase the dosage because there’s a chance of a rash that can lead to a fatal condition in some people. But i’m told it’s rare and i never had any problems.

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What dose ru on?

I’m only on 50mg right now because i just went back on it. I will work my way up to 150mg over the next month and will see where i am at that point. I was on 200mg in the past so we’ll see.

What effect have different doses got as you go up?

I don’t recall any specifics. I just know that when i got to the 150-200 mg range it helped my moods level out.

How does it help you level out?

Which side effects do you get (brain and body)?

I am on 200mg twice a day. It has really helped my moods even out. Without it, I get very angry easily. That is just not who I am, though. On it, I feel more like me.

Just makes my moods more even. Doesn’t really work well as an only med.
I can’t recall any side effects.

Any cognitive benefit @Happy_H @FatMama and @disciple?

I don’t think so

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