Anyone take Lamictal?

What dose do you take?

i take 100mgs 1151515155

I take 100 mg with no side effects. Love Lamictal.

What exactly is lamictal? Antipsychotic? Antidepressant?

I take Lamictal. 300 mg once a day. I don’t know if it works for me.

Lamictal is an anticonvulsant. It is used as a mood stabilizer to treat bipolar and sza disorders.

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I take lamotrigine (generic Lamictal) 100mg in the morning and 100mg at night. I didn’t get the rash from it. I’ve been taking it consistently for 3 years now.

I also took it as a teenager briefly when I was in a community based acute treatment program for a couple weeks but stopped because I couldn’t get a prescriber outpatient. It was the first med I started when I got back on meds at age 18.

I am supposed to take 100mgs bit quit when I noticed a flat effect. I will take it if I have bad swings starting.

@Snail and @ZombieMombie, what do you get for s/fx?

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I could only tolerate doses under 50mg.
Anything above 25mg really would make me hypomanic and super anxious.

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Does sfx mean side effects? I had some trouble with my coordination. Also anxiety but that might be a separate disorder and I take clonazepam as needed. Usually half a milligram in the morning and another half milligram if I need it later in the day.

Ty both!

Wave, did doses under 50mg help?

It only made me hypomanic but I guess in doing so it helped with my depression.

Which dose in particular of 25-50mg?

Was it a stand alone?

What about exec. function, memory, conc./focus, etc?

Actually I liked the lowest dose of lamictal - 12.5mg.
I felt happy and hypomanic all the time.
My focus was pretty good, so was exec. function etc…

I enjoy the lamictal, I’m on 100mg and it’s really helped with my depression, no more days of suicidal thoughts

I don’t remember other than flatness and not caring.