Anybody ever fear they're faking It?


i had too many insane things happen for it to be fake. just elaborate hallucinations, i dont think i could possibly make it up

but i have questioned if im just extremely lazy instead of having negative symptoms.
but i never used to be like that. so that leads me back to not faking it


I have a massive problem with this, even when I am acutely ill I am convinced that somehow I am putting it all on for attention and that everyone knows I am a liar and a fraud. Even when I broke down and told a nurse and she told me it wasn’t true, I still couldn’t shake the feeling. It is a recurrent problem. I guess it is a delusion and part of the illness, but I know how convincing thoughts can be.


Yes I get this a lot - feel fake when I’m doing well and tempted to come off my meds. But it’s not a good idea I’m told. I’ve tried coming off my meds several times and usually just landed up in hospital


I also have this. When I’m fine, I forget all symptoms of the past and think that I am not schizophrenic but then symptoms come back and I am finally persuaded



Sorry didnt read all the replys - but hell yeah - all the time. Its founded on the reason that i damn well wasnt believed in the past.

I deep down knew i had sz a good five years before they decided it was official. Ive read books - The DSM IV - wiki etc.

My mother told me i was making up for attention on many occasions. And thats what made me think i was faking it - cos i believed the lies. Now im “Official” so to speak - its helped me get the right drugs and therapy. But i still wanna tell them “I told you so” - you bastards - why you have to make me suffer so long!???

I actually think its pretty common among Sz Sufferers.


When I was really sick with sza symptoms and paranoia I used to get the thoughts that I was “faking it” and I was paranoid that the pdoc’s thought I was faking it too. At least I thought that’s what the pdoc’s thought. And since I thought they were thinking that, I used to doubt myself.


That is total confusion you are in. You don’t know therefore you are confused. Jumping from a highstorage building kills. Do you know that? I do.


With so many people experiencing this is it potentially a part of some people’s sz? I could see it being part of confused disordered thinking and not know what is and isn’t real, including your own symptoms.


I’m pretty surprised it’s this common, I am always aware that I am ill. I had my doubts when I had bipolar, but this is different because of the hallucinations.


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