Feeling like a fake

I feel like a fake sometimes. That it is all made up in my head. That I really don’t have voices. I feel well and I forget what it was all about. I don’t need meds because I am actually not ill. I’m a big fake. But then the voices come creeping up on me, whispering in my ear. Telling me I’m a fake. Why do you have meds? You are not ill…


I know what you’re talking about. I have the same feelings alot. I hope your meds help you with that

my voices tell me the EXACT same thing you spoke of, that I am a fake and a liar - that’s when I am sick and off pills. they tell me I don’t have SZ as well, and sometimes its easy to believe them. But the doctors tell me otherwise.

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You wrote "and sometime its easy to believe them,but the Dr. tell me otherwise "
you are express about the knowledge problem in the field of sz
=the theoretical perceptions of the Dr. about the nature of sz,
make him isolated about the actual l events and processes
of the schizophrenia
-the schizophrenic individual has feels,hears,sees a new nature of things inside
his psychological world,while the Dr.explain them mistakenly

but we see that,the schizophrenic individuals themselves make fatal mistakes
through their expressions,talking,or writing about the sz

for example,look at your words " my voices tell me "
this is wrong expression and description of stables facts
1-in the nature,every human being have SINGLE voice,
wherever it is logical to say “my voice” and it is illogical
to say " my voices ",
-the human voice is the product of genetic characteristics

2-in the case of sz,the individual have listen to many
vocal thoughts messages,they are different about the
specific tongue voice of the individual,so that
you can not say “my voices tell me…etc”
you are in the hearing process for the voices of otherness
-then,you make wrong impression in the mind of the DR.
when you say " my voices tell me ",because in reality
they are not your voices ,even your human voice is not
one of them
=you do not listen to your voice internally all time
of sz life

-through the schizophrenic process,your own thoughts
turn into audible vocal thoughts,but they are emitted “broadcasted”
by the voices of otherness NOT by your own voice
=for what reason you say "my voices tell me " ?

I don’t get “voices” - not as much as most schizophrenics do- But sometimes I question if I really do have schizophrenia, I blame it on the meds many times, maybe they are ■■■■■■■ with my brain

Maybe I’m weak for just giving in and saying “Fine! I’m ill! Bring on the meds”

There are times I look at my little pills all lined up by my breakfast and wonder… why am I still doing this?

But then I remember, last time there was tampering with my meds, my wheels fell off and I was in a lot of mental pain… and I killed my sister’s piano.

So in a tiny way, her new piano reminds me I’m not a fake. Besides, I’m pretty happy with life, so ill or not, as long as I’m feeling Ok, then why not? Bring on the meds.


i often feel i am not ill, i convince myself that i can do many things, but in reality that is not true…
i think as sz we convince ourselves , perhaps this is a coping mechanism!!
take care

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i bet the new piano gets a bit nervous when you walk past it !?!
it’s keys start trembling…
take care

I used to feel like I was half-demon half-angel. I chose to nurture my demon side 90% of the time.

But anyways yeah dont listen to the voices, my voices didnt approve of my meds when I started them. Then after increasing the dose the voices went away and I was like “Hey these meds work!”

Take care and give your voices the middle finger and let it linger