Anybody dating right now

I’m just curious if anybody is dating right now. I want to date somebody and eventually get married. How did you meet and did you tell them your diagnosis?

I am! We met on the first day of welcome week in college, and have been together ever since (5 years now) :slight_smile: I told him about my diagnosis maybe 1-2 weeks into the relationship. I had just met him a couple of weeks before he asked me out, so I wanted him to know me at least a little bit before breaking the schizophrenia issue to him. He took it all in stride, gave me a hug and said he’d be there for me :slight_smile:


That’s great! I’m glad he accepted you when you told him your diagnosis.

I remarried last year, 10 months after my divorce was final (first marriage lasted 25 years). Don’t believe I mentioned I was Sz, though it was clear There is nothing normal about me. Spending a lot of time talking about Sz just isn’t helpful to me.

Nah, i would probably try in another situation but this is just to horrible, i can’t think about dating while all of this is going on.

Nature though, i didn’t know she was like that, she made someone for us all, doesn’t matter the situation, i really don’t think that she wants us to leave.

Yep, there is some crazy girl just for me wouldn’t you know it, she’s the yin to my yang, the pea in my pod, the blah blah blah and the rest of it or whatever.

It must be very hard dating and loving.

I met my wife when i stayed with her as a roommate, she had a boyfriend at the time so i never interfered, 6 years later we reconnected and they had broken up. so we started talking and 3 and a half years later got married.she was well aware of my diagnosis the whole time, once even giving me her last colonipin to calm me down, she was always good to me, and helped me through episodes.

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i dont like dates i prefer raisins lol


I am engaged. We met through a mutual friend. She does know about my Dx she was there when I was Dx’ed the first time and has been to every meeting and appointment since.


I am dating now in an odd way. My plant killing neighbor and I slowly became friends. She knows about my Dx. I told her the moment we met. (I was trying to scare her away from renting the apartment because I was hoping to get it) I told her… “You’ll be living next to a schizophrenic” she gave me a smile and told me she had a favorite uncle who battled this illness and she wasn’t afraid of me.

After about 7 months of just friends, we got a little closer. I had a few bad days and an episode and my neighbor again, didn’t bat an eye, knew what to do, treated me the same as she always did when I got my feet back under me. Little by little this friendship is warming up to something more serious.


I’ve been dating my SO for about 2 1/2 years now. He’s been with me through my relapse into SZA and diagnosis. He has his own anxiety and depression issues so he says he can kind of understand. I make it a point to try to be honest and share with him as much as I can about my experience with this illness and with life in general.

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I’m not the type to join with another lol…


Geez haven’t dated in years.

I spent most of my 20’s dating other crazy people I’d met in treatment programs so telling them about my diagnosis was never an issue. I have however in the last year told my two high school girlfriends (the only serious significant others I’ve ever had) about my diagnosis. One said “Well I’m just glad your okay now” and the other didn’t say anything at all (this was on FB). Although I was more specific with one than the other, told one it was schizophrenia, told my first just that I “went crazy there for a few years”

Not sure about marriage as I’ve experienced that kind of bond that you’d swear would last a lifetime only for things to fall apart a few years later…but yes I’d love to find another partner in crime or whatever.