I don't know if college is right for me

I’m starting to think I should drop out. I don’t know if I can go another 3 years minimum of it. I’ve already done 3 years of it and got suspended, haven’t met anyone, did a good amount of drugs alone. I just don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t. I mean obviously work, but I just don’t know. I’m not good at the fast college life and it makes me feel like garbage. If all goes to hell I could become a vagabond.

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What is your major? How far along in your degree are you? How many classes are you taking?

I am making it really well in college, I need to get the picture of your situation so that I can share what has helped me.

If you don’t like traditional school then you can always learn online and build a skillset. Depending on what you want to go into a degree isn’t always necessary

Vagabond life isn’t so bad


I’m currently a business major. But I haven’t taken any classes. Freshman year was sort of an asocial drug fest so I was on suspension for my sophomore year so this is my first year back in a year. I’m currently just taking core classes without any major. And by core I mean classes that everyone no matter what major needs to take, if you have that.

I’d recommend you take 1 entrepreneurship course. Might give you some ideas.

Keep at it. Don’t stop.

You have to start somewhere. You know what the best anyone on earth can do when they have a journey of a thousand miles?

The only thing they can do is take the first step, and that’s also the most they can do.

A college degree can change your life.


You can always find some minimum wage job ( nothing wrong with it) but now as you are already there, give yourself another chance. You don’t use drugs now (?)so it’s one thing that gets you ahead.
Seems to me like you are counting your future success on the basis of what happened in the past. Well I have a cousin, he firstly started with History, then switched to economy, and then he signed for a computer programming. Four years later and he works now. Not some fancy job but he made it.


Also, what do you mean by fast college life? What is the most difficult to you? Attending the classes? socializing? Or is it is learning, memorizing things, focusing…?
If you can precisely name your problems maybe we can come up with some advices

I would suggest studying some cbt like if it were a real school course… Stay in school or get a job or some how have a steady hustle to keep a place to live. Winter in america is coming, you don’t want to be freezing your ass off. If people talk smack or are not cool at school, atleast you get to go back home and drink some hot cocoa.:coffee::chocolate_bar:

Being homeless sucked when I had to go through it.

Why did you choose business? I know you haven’t taken any business classes yet, but is it easy for you? I ask because I was doing a BA in math and I find it too hard to go back. I kind of wish I picked business or something easy. I think you’re lucky. I also think the hardest classes are the general classes like English, Math, and prerequisites. Just stick with it. Ask your school if you drop out, can you come back anytime? I know my school said I can. They said people come back like 10,15, or 20 years later.

Definitely the socializing aspect. It really stresses me when i go the whole week in school then I have nobody to kick it with. And i did take business classes but I hated them. So i don’t want to do business anymore

Try Art History, you get to look at pretty pictures all day.

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there are apprenticeships you could do;
everyone needs a builder…or car mechanic…and you earn as you learn ( not much though ! )
but you have to change your view point of college…
it is not…about making friends
it is not…about drugs…or drinking…or girls.

it is about educating yourself for the future.
so you can get a good job.
get married and provide for your wife and children…and animals :dog: :cat:
if that is what you want !?!

yes your ill
yes your social skills may not be that great…who cares.
at your age i was rocking in the corner of a room…

i wish i could have kept it together to have an education… :books:
you are lucky… :four_leaf_clover:
you have options… :heart:
take care :alien:


Thanks Dark Sith that means a lot and has cheered me up. Whats weird is I just checked and am doing quite good in school. Compared to freshman year at least. If I keep it up I’ll have 2 A’s hopefully a B and a C. I just wish I had the social skills I feel like if I can’t do it in college I’ll never get the wife and kids to support. Maybe I’m just young and naive. Does socializing get easier does finding love and friends actually get easier?


good on you for your grades…that is awesome…i am proud of you. :trophy:
for a normal person socializing can be tricky…
one step at a time…enjoy college…be in the moment.
the rest will follow. :heart:
take care :alien:

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Yeah man, listen to Darksith and you can’t do wrong :thumbsup:


I have been at college 4 years
I completed and passed first year of management degree
However when I went this September I just couldn’t handle it. The anxiety in class was horrific so I talked to tutor and filled in interruption to studies form so that I take a year out and have the option to go next year
I definitely made the right decision
Now I do a lot of volunteer work and more fun activities that aren’t stressful

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