Anybody can relate?

I dropped out of university twice. Didn’t have a chance really.

One was depression I knew nothing of. Second was serious depressive break.

Did a few jobs. I’d last a while and could work hard but was bullied and survived just. Changed jobs every five years or so because I became paranoid. I didn’t know what paranoia was and it was all so subtle.

These days I do well. Medication is right. It’s not perfect but I live on a pension and do what i need to do. I live as large as I can within the circumstances! It is what it is so just get out there and try! It’s worth it!


I dropped out because I went insane instantly. I still haven’t recovered that much, although anxiety and stress is down by a factor of ten.

I regret going to college especially one far away from home. I picked math, which was too hard for me and I was in a stressful environment. I should have never been born.

I still remember in my past lives of being schizophrenic from marijuana in high school. I guess history was changed and I got it in college, which sucks. It was probably worse in college.

Problem is I’m pretty sure I’m an alien abductee. Aliens talk to me in my head as well as God.

I’ve seen the Riemann Hypothesis in a past life and then I was abducted by aliens/killed. What’s the point in my life?

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