Any vegatarians on here?

If you are veg and have any tips for me to help me get enough protein (I need at least 50 grams a day according to the Harvard medical site and the mayo clinic site). I would also like to know if anyone here has any suggestions for supplements. I’m taking a multi vitamin, cranberry, fish oil (for now), B12, and vitamin D.

Is it appropriate to call myself veg if I keep taking the fish oil but don’t eat any other meat? I’m taking it as a mood stabilizer and I’m in a fragile enough place right now so I don’t want to risk going off that. I don’t really care about the label as a bragging thing. I just find using labels like sz, depressed, veg, ect. a good way to explain why you don’t want any of the thanksgiving turkey this year.

@mortimermouse I’m thinking about adding a protein supplement. You said you were a body builder and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for which one to try (vegetarian ones) and any particular brand you like.

I am (lacto-)vegetarian by choice, my protein comes from eggs and lentils :blush:

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Since you are female, soy is your friend. Soy based protein powders are out there, try whole foods or trader joe’s. I would recommend tofu based meat substitutes, those are popular. Sort of like how there is turkey bacon, there are vegetarian chicken nuggets, et cetera.

I used to drink soy protein powder shakes, I used to be a vegetarian as well. Ask me whatever you want about the new diet, I made vegetarians look good back in the day when I was one hahaha. I was really athletic and ripped. I was more focused on running back then and bodyweight exercises (military preparation) and today I am all about being bigger and badder. I cant move my own weight like back then, but I can lift hundreds of pounds easily over and over again. I do run though, I am not too big to run.

Soy products like tofu, edamame, soy powder, egg whites, beans, cottage cheese, yogurt, all very good sources of protein. Those were my favorites. There is also whey protein, protein powder from milk, if you are cool with dairy.

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Macaroni and cheese (the real homemade stuff),chili and cornbread,peanut butter and whole wheat are all cheap easy complete sources of protein I go grass grazer once in a while but it’s really just for the money that I save not buying meat.

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