I'm not buying any meat next month

I’m going to try a vegan diet for one month and see how I feel. Ever since I found out I am allergic to milk and eggs, which were my main protein most days, I’ve been eating more and more meat to compensate. I really don’t like it on so many levels and without dairy and eggs if I take away meat that pretty much equals a vegan diet.

I was a vegetarian for many years in my twenties so I have recipes I can adapt and my son bought me some vegan cookbooks for my birthday and there’s always the net.

I love beans and lentils, I always eat a lot of veggies so that doesn’t need to change, I have been stockpiling seeds and nuts in preparation for the trial and have recently fallen back in love with peanut butter and want to try almond butter too.

I think I’m going to start a thread where people can share their favorite vegan recipes. I know there are many vegans on this site.


What a great idea. My SIL is vegan, and whenever I try her food it’s always good.


You might want to supplement Vitamin B12 while youre going vegan. I did vegan three different times and my B12 blood levels went very low each time. I still supplement three times a week just to be sure, even though I eat a standard diet now.

Good luck!


I was vegetarian for some months in the past and I felt great

Excited for you. Vegetarian myself and enjoy it.


I’m vegan and have been some years.
It’s great!

Have you seen what the health on Netflix?

Just make sure to take vitamin b12 supplements.

I also take iron supplements.

I make minestrone soup with soup mix in it.
Soup mix is lentils and beans.
It just makes it more nourishing , filling … it’s cheap n nice dish to make.simmer low heat one hour.ready.

Truly hope you become vegan for your health, the animals and environment etc💕

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I wish I could go vegan. Even though I do eat more vegetarian than I used to do.


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