Need input from the vegetarians!

So I’ve reached the stage of my veg diet where I’ve started to get dizzy and have headaches. I know it isn’t a medical thing (as in cancer or something as serious) because 1)I just got blood work done and everything looked good, though this was a couple weeks ago, and 2) when I tried to go veg last time the same thing happened.

I think I’m taking the right supplements (B12, D3, calcium, and a multi vitamin) and I think I’m getting enough protein but I looked it up and it said that I might not be getting enough fat. Last time I ended up eating a pork chop and feeling immediately better. Looking back I wasn’t on any supplements and I was more than likely not getting enough protein either as well as fat.

I work out a lot and I’m eating mainly high protein grains, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

I know you said you were vegetarian @mortimermouse and I think that @Hadeda said something about it but absolutely anyone who has any ideas please let me know! I don’t want to eat any more animals :frowning:

Maybe you are an individual who needs the natural sources of those missing nutrients that are only found in animal by products. Like some people are allergic to bees and peanuts, we have different chemistries.

I’m not a vegetarian, but I’d say you scour the web and look for some info.

Proteins are just amino acids. There are 27 or something that we are dependent on. Within those is a division of which ones our body can produce and those that it can’t. I’d check and make sure you’re getting the ones the body can’t produce on its own.

Whats up with eating animals?

Why is it so bad? Ive gone root chewer before and still do when I cant afford meat but when my body starts talking (figuratively) I listen.

I once went 3 months ! Nothing but grazing on grass and chewing on roots.

Let me tell you that I felt so much better after eating a burger that I don’t try to do that anymore

Maybe eating meat once a week is necessary.

They aren’t going to stop slaughtering animals anyways.

You need to eat eggs and dairy

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I like my meat but prefer fish. I get guilt feelings over meat but not enough to overcome my liking for it. I occasionally have bouts of buying vegetarian products but a lot of them leave a lot to be desired and I’m not up on cooking vegetarian meals from scratch beyond macaroni cheese/cauliflower cheese, pasta with pasta sauce and vegetables, or having a tray of Mediterranean roasted vegetables.
My meat almost exclusively comes from ready meals . Occasionally I’ll do a meat casserole .

Vegetarians pass gas all of the time…

I’d never go down on a vegetarian chick…she’d probably fart my goatee off!

If I am totally honest I do not put that much thought into it I guess that’s because I was brought up veggie but lentils, beans, dairy, rice ( if you want healthy go for brown) is all part of our diet. I eat eggs but my parents and grandparents don’t. I feel eggs is a good source of protein.

Hey and what’s wrong with going veggie. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs views and opinions. My brother eats meat, probably the first to of our gen but we accept that that’s his choice and he’s entitled to it.

i never said that it was a bad thing, if you take the time to read my post in its entirety then you may see that …

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i think you are female…so you need iron by the sounds of it…and or vitamin b12…
fast heart rate
blurred vision
headaches…common symptoms…lack of iron .
take care :alien:

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you should check out this site…


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That was funny lol

I was vegetarian for about 5 years and I was the healthiest then. I’ve never been dizzy, on the contrary, the less you eat animal products, the healthier you’re gonna get. Try eating a variety of vegetables and fruits throughout the day especially nuts and seeds. You can make a lot of good dishes, spinach with rice, stuffed zucchinis with tofu, bean burger. If you did a blood test and there isn’t anything maybe you’re just not eating enough. If you work out a lot, you should eat about 2000 calories a day if you’re a woman. maybe that’s why you feel dizzy. Have you lost weight?

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I think you’re right waterway. The last time I did this I ate almost exclusively fruits and veggies as time went on. I didn’t really do any research because everyone only says how healthy it is for you and no one ever mentions that you need supplements and to watch your diet to make sure you are getting more than just fruits and veggies. When I started this time (and did actual research) all any site ever said was that a properly balanced veg diet is better for you than an omnivore diet but I had to dig around for a while to find out what they meant by that. It took even longer for me to realize that I wasn’t getting enough calories because I was doing weight watchers. So I was filling up my points quota but I was getting far less than 1,000 calories.

Don’t get me wrong, Weight Watchers is a wonderful program and I will probably go back to it once I get my diet balanced and learn what carries weight (like nuts and seeds) and what tastes good (like fruits and veggies).

I think you might have cracked it. Or at least I hope so.

you can try one of those calorie counting websites to monitor your nutrition, at minimum, you should eat 1200 calories a day + your exercise calories. There’s an amount of protein and fat you should meet in your daily intake otherwise you’re gonna lose muscle, hair and your nails are gonna chip. Be careful. You should at least one big meal at lunch.

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