Any SZ's who make big money?

There must be some of you out there who do alright financially. I am curious because I always find I have to do jobs that have very low salaries because I am looking for the least stressful situation possible. Is there anyone for whom this is not an issue?

I’m like you. I have a low paying job at a store part time and get social benefits for the rest. Ends meet if I don’t spend money on anything that is not necessary. If I start eating out or buying recreational stuff I get a minus economy right away.

But I figure if I can cure sz in the general population I will get rich. Work in progress…

I don’t know if I have sz but yes I try to get jobs rhat are easy and pay less so I can manage stress better…

I do alright I guess.

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That’s good to hear. So is your job stressful?

Not too bad. I work from home.

I guess it’s a hard skew to the left in terms of income and success. Hell, I’d be happy making a 2-3 grand a month right now and I’d be ecstatic to make 4k+ a month. Right now I just get SSI. I’m sure people do it, but most aren’t on this forum posting. It must be a huge outlier, anomaly, or black swan type of thing.

I’d imagine most are inheriting their family’s money. But I’d imagine most are destined for poverty and sadness.

There’s so many variables out there it’s hard to understand from a layman’s view.

I want to get my education and make money programming things. It’s not impossible, but I got some other factors beyond schizophrenia affecting me. I’m 31 years old.

If all else fails, I got a small special needs trust. I hope to make it last the rest of my life when my father passes and I hope to die young. It’s enough to supplement or even replace SSI. Not sure what I would do for health insurance though. I couldn’t afford it. I would need government assistance or work part time or go on generics. No way I could afford 400+ dollars a month in any kind of bills then or now.

Programmers/engineers/developers can make 60k-150k a year.

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IDK, it’s the same size everybody else uses.


Sz makes ppl poor. 85% of schizophrenics are unemployed with some in the streets.


I hope I make it big. Hold me to it. Chances are that I won’t, but if I work with my younger brothers and extended family, who I believe I can work with. I may be able to create a fortune. I do have a plan, and it will require a lot of luck. But it’s possible.

In terms of advice. I say, look for opportunities, think of a service or product. Never put all your eggs into one basket, but do take risks of investment if you do manage to think of a foolproof idea which others will back.

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dose it happen…money, hell i wonder…

We can hope? At least I will for now? I guess?

I have 2 jobs right now and I’m not even making $3k a month, and it’s insanely stressful. So I’m not making much money even tho I’m working my tail off.


I was in a similar position a few years back. Worked as a sales person and also a back room restaurant washer. It was very depressive, but I pulled through.

The only regret I have is that a blew the money on substance use. It was a wasted endeavour In the end.

I start a job soon. I’ll be making 3500 a month for nine months. Job + ss. That will be the most I’ve ever made in my life. I know this is a poor outlook but I don’t think it’ll last. I’m too paranoid. When I went for my interview I was paranoid and almost left. I’m hoping and praying it works. I gotta pay for my kids braces.


I’m a programmer and I make a decent amount of money. I make enough to pay half of my $3,000 house, $600 vehicle, insurance on both and manage to save about $50 on top.


Wow that must be a mansion. What state do you live in?

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This is reassuring. I hope I can sustain work and earn a living too. Well done for doing so.

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My house is two story and including walk in closets, it’s about 14 rooms total. One of those rooms I’ve converted into a secret room with a cellar door in case of break ins.

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Thanks! Anyone can achieve this. My husband and I both came from very poor backgrounds, and all it takes is motivation, focus and composure.