Any SZ Atheists?

Things seem like more and more atheists are coming out lately. I however am not a true atheist, I’m more of a agnostic or humanist. When I was delusional and psychotic, I imagined religious figures going in and out of my head. I decided that religion doesn’t make much sense. I tried it honestly but it never worked for me. I like to believe when I die that is it. I’m good without god. I don’t need an imaginary figure to run my life. I don’t care if you are religious. I don’t hate you. I just hope that you come to terms with reality. I am not trying to convert your beliefs to mine. Anybody ever listen to Bill Maher? I love the way he explains it so funny. I find myself having a word with myself before I sleep at night, but its no longer with god. I feel better more free knowing that religion is not driving me insane. There are many good books to pick up if your on the fringe. I thought Carl Sagan had much good to say about the universe. Made me really wonder. I don’t know if we’re all just part of some random event. But I do know that muslim, mormon, christians whatever are not for me. Wars they wage for an invisible god. Religions think that they have answers to questions we simply cannot answer. Like where you go when you die. So essentially they make stuff up. Bunch of BS. God has a son, yah right and he sent his son on a suicide mission. Its just not logical. I won’t buy any of it. And I hope more humans make the realization.


I am more of a spiritual agnostic - I’m pretty sure this type does exist. I am kind of scared of religion. I find many religions to be cult like in their philosophies. When I am delusional - it’s all about God - Evil- Ghosts - Spirits etc…

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I don’t believe in religion. It doesn’t make sense to believe in hell. Why create such pain and anguish?


Thank you so much for posting this. I too consider myself more of a humanist. I don’t know if you have heard of Richard Dawkins, a humanist who really upsets the Religious right.

I am also a Carl Sagan reader. I have had very scary and negative interactions with churches. I just stay away and I feel better.

I listen to some of these preachers on T.V. and I think… I have SZ and even I can see what your saying is crazy. The time Jimmy Swagart told his congregation that if they didn’t give him 2 million dollars God would take him to heaven. They didn’t make the 2 million mark, and low and behold, Jimmy S. is still alive. I have turned my back on religion and I am at peace.


I grew up without any religion. Not a clue about it. Blank slate.
I do believe in god though, just not religion.
Whatever you need to believe to make you happy works for me, just don’t expect me to need the same thing.
Keep it personal to keep all happy.


One may have to copy and paste this link.

Well, here’s the scientist figurehead for Atheists. I had a similar schooling, so I kind of get a clue who he might be.


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I have had religious delusions so I find religion to be scary. I do believe that there might be an afterlife but that it is not governed by religion. I think until they really nail what consciousness is, I will leave the afterlife as a possiblity.

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I’ve seen several spirits, and have even been harmed twice by them while they appeared to me.

I can most certainly say that we are not alone down here, and it’s quite possible we were put here for some reason.

I enjoy bill maher, religulous was really very funny.

I read something very interesting the other day, “catholic” is a mish mash of ancient words, it means literally “prophet of the serpent”. WooHoo! That was a hallucination i had actually, i went outside and there was a gigantic snake made of light covering my entire tree and staring me down and very pissed off.

We’re being lied to a great deal about things.

This particular book used to have things to say actually, until people got their hands on it, it was butchered ever since. And now we have two sides, people who believe non-sense that they created and placed in it, and people who are turned away completely because of the non-sense in it.

But it’s true, sometimes spirits have people write things, and i think that everyone should be aware of that if they don’t know.

“Hell” was also never in there, people just decided to put that in there for some reason, what the hell right?

Outside one early morning i was smoking alone, all of a sudden i thought “im jesus”, directly after thinking this to myself for absolutely no reason a voice said “see, thats how we do that to people”.

It spoke as me within me.

They do this very often to people, and they don’t know it, you should know this, everyone should know this.

I didn’t think that they were supposed to just tell you, why would they tell me? Honestly i don’t even want to know, it sucks knowing that, it makes life a nightmare, not that it’s easy not knowing though.

I agree, pansdisease. My two sons and I have similar experiences. I love the great big unimaginable conscious creator that is God. I am not a fan of religion, however. I keep wondering what Jesus and Buddha think about what all has been created in their names.


They like to mess with people for fun, it seems. I caught them once. Usually, they don’t give themselves away like that, though, right?

I know, they made it a point to tell me even, i wouldn’t have known at all.

Although they do get pissed about how dumb i am, so i suppose that that has something to do with why they told me. At times they have yelled at me “for fuq’s sake now i actually want to tell him!”

And some of them think that i am “the idiot”, i have no idea what they are talking about of course because im an idiot, but they say they have been waiting for some idiot that is a sign of something important to them.

They just say, “is it him?”, “i really think that it’s him”. For some reason they can’t be sure if im the pecial moron they are waiting for.

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Also an odd thought about the post.

If a schizophrenic was an atheist would he begin thinking that he is dawkins? Would he imagine that he is the most prominent figures within the atheistic community?

Just going to toss out an idea here, maybe, just maybe, it was your illness and not anything supernatural.

I’m an atheist. Religion is a dangerous path for the mentally ill to walk.


all I really know for sure is that I am here as a singular person who can choose whatever I like to believe but that there are some religious folks who would chop my head off for not believing and worshiping their God and living their way of life. I could really care less just as long as I can enjoy my cup of tea as I would like to have it.

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I was already an atheist before i became scz, but i am even more so now that I have been through what people of faith call hell, and for no apparent reason…I was a really good kid who was empathetic, compassionate, self-disciplined, and planning on joining ROTC. Then i started having symptoms of schizophrenia, but at the time I just knew I was not mentally fit for service, i didnt know I had schizophrenia.

But my point is, i really think scz can make people lose faith in the one god of islam, christianity and judaism. Having to live through the closest thing to hell when youre just a young adult just doesnt make sense to me, i told myself that i was damn sure (pun intended) that there was no god when I was in the middle of my episodes.

I am now into zen buddhism, which is not really a religion but more of a philosophy. Letting go of attachment is easier now that I had to let go of my sanity and live without it until i got my medication regiment all figured out.

I personally met another schizophrenic who’s delusions and hallucinations were religious.

I sometimes tell my closest friends that religion is just an enormous case of Shared psychotic disorder, a real mental illness classified in the DSM. It’s basically learning about anothers belief which is not based in reality and agreeing with it. thats what religion looks like to me. But whatever floats your boat- if religion helps you with your case of scz, good for you.

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I go to church but i do have my doubts about just one religion being right??? I think i always will.

I think religion is a self-induced psychosis for anyone


I am not a science genius but god/ religion never made sense to me while growing up and it still puzzles me even to this day. I stopped trying to put that pressure on my mind to believe years ago. Lucky for me my family are ok with it.

what should i fear ?? if i know God is going to save me when time runs out