Any SZ Atheists?

How do you know? Is this what you tell yourself or did he send you a letter? I know the voices can tell you anything. I watch billions in worship while thinking what a waste of time.

wouldnt it be great to excist forever in paradise?

I don’t know what to believe, to be honest. My mom is catholic but i think i have a hard time believing in religion when people use it to persecute others of different faiths or justify their bigotry

Paradise ain’t forever bro.

i use to feel really critical of religion for years. I was raised as a christian but i didn’t identify and i thought all the things that you all say. But i’ve now found a church that i REALLY like. They’ve talked about mental health and even schizoprhenia has been mentioned. They talk about not judging others. The even sang that song, sign sign, everywhere a sign in church tonight. and how the the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply and that is the not case or should not be the case in church. It’s a lutheran church.

I’m more of an agnostic Catholic. I formally converted about nine years ago. I was raised Episcopalian, so the rituals, etc. seemed natural to me. I haven’t been to Church in several years, though. A combination of rude things they said in their sermons, and rude things they said to me in the confessional. I pray sometimes, but sometimes I just don’t believe any of it. I like that the Catholic Church has moral teachings, as I was raised without any moral teachings. But I don’t agree with all of their moral teachings–abortion, gay marriage, etc. Also, it seems to me, from my experience with the Church, that most of the priests/bishops/nuns/deacons are only concerned with wealth and power–they don’t care at all about the poor, like me, like they are supposed to. Also, I never made any friends there, so what good is the social aspect of it?

If you want to consider being non-denominational as being an atheist then I guess I’m one. I don’t really follow any one religion so I don’t know how I can be considered atheist though.

i’m more of an agnostic i think. i would like to believe in god but how could he let innocent children, men and women b raped and tortured and let their abusers go free. i would also like to believe in karma but i don’t have the patience for how long it seems s to take lol. some of my abusers have got their just deserts so far but not all and i would like to c that happen, here or in the afterlife, if there is one. if there is one i’m going to be reincarnated i think. pick a parent and go for it. i just hope i get to keep my talents.


Schizophrenia and religion are toxic! I am an atheist and that is the way to be when you suffer delusions and other such symptoms…

Malvok is right on this one. Religion and mystical ■■■■ isn’t for the schizophrenic. Saying that I do like some aspects of buddism and toaism…I think the east dealt better with aspects of the mind than the west. Process of thought is another thing entirely!

A friend in the struggle,


@rogueone I agree religion is toxic for schizo"s… not saying anyone is stupid for choosing a religion I just don’t believe in picking one. If u really think about it it is all just as nuts as our delusions and religion has only had a negative affect on me and my illness, I have read over all kinds of religions and all of it doesn’t make one bit of sense!! it sure as hell hasn’t done me any favors but trigger my symptoms… I do believe in a higher power but that’s as far as I can let that go now days