Any stimulant to stop oversleeping?

Other than coffee and nicotine?
I sleep over 15hrs a day and get headaches if I don’t drink heavy coffee and heavy tea all day.

Caffeine is giving me tremors in all my body.

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As a schizophrenic, it is definitely not advisable to take actual stimulants. Even non-stimulant drugs such as Strattera are not advisable. I am given Wellbutrin to help with my ADHD which also helps with wakefulness.

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Wellbutrin made me manic and suicidal. Its different for everybody. I was talking about natural stimulants.

Even natural stimulants, some of the supplements I have taken caused me to have a brief psychotic break. Any supplements that affect the brain other than Omega 3 fish oil is not advisable.

I had better luck with Strattera than Welbutrin. Online advice is bad in general.

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I don’t think my pdr will prescribe a stimulant med to prevent sleep. I guess I will stay with coffee and nicotine.


But Risperdal is the only med that don’t give me serious side effects like akathisia and addictions.
It justs make me sleep all day. I guess I will stay with coffee and nicotine.

I tried Ritalin.
It works but I didn’t make it even 7 days before I abused it and took like 60-80mgs

Threw the rest out

So if you have any old drug abuse tendencies stay away from stimulant drugs.

I also tried prescription modafinil , 100 and 200mg. It worked but gave me major sinus pressure so it was unbearable.

Tried Wellbutrin up to 350mg sr didn’t work

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Why were you prescribed these? For sleep prevention? I am sure my pdr wouldn’t prescribe them to prevent sleep. He just told me today to stop playing and changing my medication and to stay away from supplements.

My pdoc prescribed to fix my oversleeping and constant tiredness.

After all those trials I eventually figured out I have a sleep disorder as well.

So now I use light therapy in morning and microdose of melatonin at night (0.3mg) (the physical amount the body needs not a pharmacological dose)

It helps a lot. Not perfect but world’s better


Cutting out sugar helped me with this. Keto reaallly helped with the sedation and oversleeping. Check out Reddit’s getoutofbed subreddit. They have some good solutions.

Exercise. Force yourself and start small but it’s even free if you adopt bodyweight or brisk walking to start.

An annoying alarm clock out of reach works wonders. Also, drink a crap tonne of water. So much so that you have to get up to use the washroom.

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