Any one else a wanderer?


anyone here relate to needing to move a lot…or maybe to needing to take off? im losing my staying power more all the time


i feel like that too sometimes but luckily i haven’t acted on it, i sometimes feel like i don’t deserve what i have got as i haven’t earned it and that makes me feel bad and less settled.


I’ve never had that, but I have met others who have. I get that they just need to move on and start again. It makes them feel so much better to wipe the slate clean and go. They have a good dose of optimism about being somewhere new. I’m always sad to see them go, but they are so happy to do so.

I like where I am and I’m not much of a traveler. I never feel the urge to run. Things are pretty much where I like them for now. Thus far, I am content.


try to stay positive, thinking like that won’t get you anywhere, i have thoughts like that but although they are strong i don’t let them take over my life,


You do deserve. You do deserve kindness, fairness, and inclusion into this life. You do deserve food, and more. When I was thinking about how undeserving I was, I was sliding into negative symptoms and getting worse, and pushing my family away. I have worked very hard to maintain my life recently.


If anything might break a a parents heart, that just might be it. Heading to prison… Not a good place with SZ. I’ve never been in prison, but some of the guys in my SZ group did. They are worse then when they went in.


I am definitely not a wanderer . Been in the same flat for nearly 18 years. If i had to move i would find it very stress inducing.


This is the longest I have lived somewhere (8 years) before this was southern california and it was not a pleasant place to be with this. I grew up being a nomad and it has always made me want to have roots. I would die here if possible (a way of saying I want to be here for a long long time).


I’ve moved 15 times in 36 years. We moved a lot when I was a kid. I’ve “only” moved 4 times as an adult. We have lived in the same place for 8 years now and we like it here, I guess we will live hre for atleast 10 more years. Our kids have friends here. I won’t do that to them, as my parents did. Never belonging anywhere because we moved a lot.


not much of a wanderer. more of a hider.