I want to move

Only thing that keeps me here is free health care. I have nothing to keep me here. No permenant job.

ha ha ha …sometime back someone suggested me that moving does not solve the problem :slight_smile:

I just want a change of scene. I’ve lived on the same street for 30 years. I need change. I’m not running away from problems.

i think the first and important thing you need to do is to get away from your family.

are you still taking any meds?. I hope not. I think you are not if im not mistaken which is good.

you dont need to reply to me @Ish I know a lot of people around here in the forum have spoken plenty of things about me in my back. I even know who they are.

Anyway you can do what u wish.

thanks and bye

I think that I’m so attChed to my family I can’t form bonds with other people

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We are all entitled to ore opinions. Just because sometimes we don’t share the same views doesn’t mean we are not entitled to those opinions

of course everyone are entitled to their own opinions…only trouble I have is:
a. Whether the opinion is really helping someone
b. Whether they share that opinion about me(which is THEIR opinion) secretly with others (which is behind my back)…they think I am not aware but they are fools. I am aware of everything.

which is PRECISELY the reason I am asking you to move.

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