Just like that jerk Steve Martin

We all need to find a “special purpose” in life. He found his, now it’s up to us to find ours.


here, here…well said, nick77…like in that movie “city slickers” you have to just find that “one thing”…mine is living day to day with the love of my girlfriend and family (me and Angela made up)…art and music have taken second seat but are still very much a part of my life…

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I’ve found mine - writing - but its just waiting for the publishers to get back to me that’s taking so long! Oh yes, and my other purpose is to be a good wife to hubby, and I hope I’m succeeding in that!

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Im at a loss, i don’t have anything to live for, i hate this place.

No wait, ill destroy it, there, thats it, i have found it, to destroy this entire place and leave no trace of it, thats what i live for!

I might be setting my sights a little to high though.

I just have nothing to live for at all, i hate everything that this place has to offer really, and i want out.

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I’m sorry you are so down pansdisease…please know that life does get better, unfortunately you have to have patience…for me it was a med change that finally gave me hope…perhaps you should tell your pdoc about your malaise for life? I love you…hope things work out for you…I didn’t think they ever would for me either, but they did…find hope in just flowers or music if that helps for now?

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dark sith goes down to toy store and buys pansdisease the biggest teddy , now you will have hugs for life .
take care


I know I was in a board and care that I didn’t care too much for, but I made the best of it until I could get out of there. You seem so unhappy where you’re living pansdisease. Can’t you talk to someone about moving into a better living situation.

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Do they do any activities with you to lift you up? I hope you can find better living conditions. You deserve good conditions. I pray for you