Any men on amisulpride?

How does it work for sz/psychosis ? What dose ? Any side effects ? What about prolactin ? What about qtc prolongation ?

Only time I was on it was along with clozapine. I think, but not sure, it might have been 1200mg. That an 800mg clozapine. Is a miracle I didn’t die

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wow you could have died from heart attack due qtc prolongation on 1200mg amisulpride and 800mg clozapine.

My mom is stable on 200mg amisulpride.

I wanted to reduce my clozapine due to adverse effects and maybe add amisulpride to the mix. Right now im on clozapine 225mg and still have little paranoia, i cant increase clozapine further due to adverse effects(bed wetting, postural hypotension, myoclonic jerks) and high qtc interval

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