What is the best dose of amisuplride?

I wonder how many mg of amisulpride can be achieved in remission? i am currently taking 400mg ot but i don’t feel any effect from it. I have been taking this medicine for 4 years. I am also taking lexapro, clonopine, vraylar, too

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What’s not working? You’re psychotic? Positive symptoms?

is it a good medicine?

or am I taking it unnecessarily?

Its a very effective medicine. Its up to your Dr to decide if you need it. What’s your diagnosis?

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I take clozapine 100mg and amisulpride 150mg. I dont have any positive symptoms from this combination,

I take the minimum dose of amisulpride that will keep me going (200mg) but if I have a bad day I take extra 100mg.

My pdoc prescribed me 400mg amisulpride which is therapeutic dose and I do excellent on it but as it’s expensive and I want to take the least amount of meds, I take 200mg

I also take 5mg olanzapine alongside it and this helps to fill in gaps the amisulpride can’t cover entirely

i have positive symptoms like hallucination delusions i increased amisuplride et 800mg to 400 from maybe so it will be think? there are musical hallucinations mainly

i take amuilspride 200mg but i know if its enough

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