Any hippies out there?

I’m interested in the hippie way of life. I love colourful clothes, vegetarianism and nature. I love walking barefoot and wear sandals all year round. I just love their style and way of life and like to incorporate it into mine. Any fellow peace lovers out there? Groovy baby! :blush:


I’m a sellout to Corporate America, but I approve this message!

Miiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiii @Minnii calling @Minnii!

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I’m a vegetarian as well!

I wouldn’t say Hippy, but I prefer the term Naturalist instead

How long have you been Vegetarian? :smile:

Since my teens. :blush: so about sixteen years. Not strict, but don’t like meat and chicken and fish. The idea of eating dead animals repulses me.

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Yeah I’m a hippie! :smile: Used to be a vegetarian, want to go back in being a vegetarian, will power issues. Need to watch some documentaries again :pensive:


Im a real native american. Hippies try to be like me.


True inspiration :heart_eyes: lol

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Yeah, Hippies are definitely my era. I did some of the communal living, peace advocating and vegetarianism. Fortunately, I wasn’t in on the drug scene.

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imo, Eustace Conway is a hardcore hippie. He’s an omnivore tho

I’m not the strictest of vegetarians out here… because I love fish.

But I’m a pacifist… I support social and communal ideas… I’m happier in nature then in buildings… I like getting along… I don’t thrive on drama or conflict… don’t care about status… just be… and be with.

There is a bit of hippy in a lot of surfers…

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I used to be a card-carrying member of the hippie clan but I hung up my leather headband and my peace sign ring after I got out of high school. Now my goal is to be a yuppie.


@Teo. A real full blood NA? I’m half NA. I’m a half breed.

Does seem gross eating meat.

I come from a place w many hippies.

I went to college w two bros one named Hickory & the other named Oak. Parents full blown hippies. Nicest family in the world.

My grandmother was 1 fourth irish. Thats about it. But what i ment is that i was raised up with proper and full native culture. It’s not something i just dipped my toes into. It’s my whole life. I have and am currently paticipating and running ceramonies and am learning and singing songs. I go to elders for help. i can hunt, skin, and cook a dear in 5 hrs or less (the only meat i really like although i try to avoid killing). I have learned to recognize plants i can eat and use for what ever purpose. I lived on a reservation etc… To me it doesn’t matter how much blood you have as long as you know your stuff. My brothers half and he’s been through just as much if not more than i have.

My mother was a hippie and I’ve got the 12 Step program membership and various other dysfunctions to prove it. I’ve gone the other direction as I’m a big fan of a functioning society.


Because your mother was a hippie or wanted to be one or something like that, not all hippies are like her.

I’m sorry you had such a horrific childhood because of her, but don’t generalize.

True. Most are much less useful than she was.


That hurt, just saying.

The truth usually does!