Any hippies out there?

Well, most hippies I know are not useless. Most are doing great work in society and helping a lot of people. There are some bad apples, but the truth, is that we can’t please everyone.

For me all bankers are ■■■■, but I’ve met some nice bankers. So not all bankers are ■■■■. … Generalizations don’t work for me pixel, some people just aren’t good.

Like yesterday I was listening to this old lady saying to a younger lady that all blacks are horrible people. It’s the same thing, it’s just not true.

So it hurt because I know that in societys labels I’m a hippie but I would never put a child through what your mother put you through or am I useless.

So no, not true.

Just labels.

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I like everybody. Unless you hurt me or my loved ones, I have no squabble with you. People are people. You have to take them on their individual merits. There are only a VERY small few of a demographic I don’t like (thinking child molesters and such here)…and I don’t like judgy people. Judgy is now a word, I don’t care.

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@Teo. Very cool. Although I’m half NA (my mom was white as a snowflake) I was completely raised white. I’ve been to powwows. That’s about it.

In support of all people everywhere and their rights and liberties, I’ve updated my avatar to a Communist red flag.


LOL you commie! I used to be an anarchist in the old days, now I have no belief system, it’s better this way, it’s a mix from most of them, a new belief system :smile:

A bunch of socialists/hippies got elected to power in my province. The resulting economic devastation is unlike anything we’ve seen for generations. May even rival the Great Depression. Seeing lots of friends and neighbours losing jobs, and soon, homes. Much more than just the price of oil as there are still jobs being created in the provinces next to us where hippies aren’t in charge, but the price of oil is the same.

It’s about much more than just my childhood.


I’ve been a Marxist since I was 16. Just say no to oppression!


Well a bunch of right wing folks got elected here and it’s the same deal, I don’t think it has to do with ideology anymore, companies and lobbies are just too powerful.

Abolish capitalism! (Just kiding, just kiding, don’t be all pixel on me now!)

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I’ve been called a hippie but don’t necessarily identify with it. I am barefoot as much as possible, do not like eating meat and am usually pretty peaceful. I’ve worn dreads in my hair because it’s easy. I blend oils and carry around stones. Into some ‘hippie’ music.
Whatever. :smirk:

My siblings are big hippies now. They listen to reggae and smoke tons of pot and talk about becoming organic farmers. They wear mostly tie dye and walk around barefoot. I support all of it except the pot. It makes them too paranoid, and they end up talking about crazy conspiracies. The music is really good though.

I’m an old hippie

I’m a hippie. Say what?

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Hippie life has changed, you should look into folk punk if you’re interested. Modern hippies ride around the west coast on freight trains

That’s funny. Lol… …

I thought real hippies lay around on mattresses in dirty jeans and shirts from Sgt. Pepper’s and said “man” after every sentence and lived off of their rich parents money.

No, those are trustafarians.

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That sounds like a modern word. I think current day ‘hippies’ are being confused with other categories of people.

A trustafarian is someone who preaches about love, and encourages others not to sell their soul working for the man, but lives comfortably off a trust fund their parents set up for them.

These people were living more off of the money their parents were paying to send them to college or to attempt to get them back on their own solid ground, while the whole society around them was reinforcing the tune in, turn on drop out mantra of the pop drug culture.

St Francis tossed all the riches and fine clothes from his parents and went around as a beggar and turned to God and the kindness of strangers for his meager support. His parents were aghast + didn’t know what to tell their friends.

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I got two hips that can groove :smiley: