What type is your neighbourhood

Mine is quite poor and a lot of alcohol abuse exists and then there is some disturbances when people are partying. A couple of bars exist very close and sometimes there is yelling. Some people have called my neighbourhood as a slum of my little town, but I have not had any troubles.

I’m in an older neighborhood out on dead end point by the beach. The building I’m in… is an old catholic school converted into apartments.

There are little war homes, working class, beach bums, “artist”. Up the hill on the ridge is the posh and ritzy rich.

Here on the beach is the working stiffs and retired Boeing workers and some poor, some not so poor, all fairly individual. It was just by luck and my Dad’s wide circle of friends that helped me get into this place.


I live in a predominately, probably 98%, Hispanic neighborhood. Most of my neighbors are Mexican immigrants who came to this country for a better life.

They are all VERY friendly to me. I’ve made a few friends and even learned a little Spanish lol.

But just down the street is a wealthy, predominately Caucasian neighborhood with cute houses and large oak trees that form a shady canopy over the street. That’s where I take my walks during the day.

Unfortunately, down the other direction of the street, on the corner, is a really skeevy 24 hour market/liquor store where drug deals go down in broad daylight. There’s a lot of crime in that area, and it’s not uncommon to hear gunshots. Obviously, I AVOID that area lol.

That’s my neighborhood! Pockets of very different populations who rarely mix together. But overall, it’s a peaceful and enjoyable place.




@radmedtech, I was just thinking about you… hoping all was well.

I’m finding that more and more in our city too… I like it.

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the area I live is by the sea and near to a seaside town (blackpool) and I live st annes which is really a retirement area so there are lots of elderly


I live in a mostly quiet country town neighborhood. Today and on most weekend days the hispanic family next to me is on their motorcycles and four wheelers, revving their engines constantly. I just turn the stereo up like today until they’re done. I listen to music most of the time anyways, so it is not really a bother. Most of the time there is hardly any traffic on my street and the town as a whole is peaceful. I don’t feel hedged in like I did when I lived in Phoenix.

I live on a pretty high hill with just a few other homes around. We are basically isolated from the rest of the town. So really we are in no neighborhood as much as we are in the woods, way back out of town.
Some people would consider us up here as ‘hillbillies’ and we never get visitors except the occasional lost person who read the map wrong.

I live in the suburbs of New York City. It’s a quiet neighborhood. Mostly white population, upper middle class. We do have one house on our block that’s trouble. No one has ever lived in it more than two years since 1995. It’s not well taken care of at all. But other than that my street is great. My neighbors and my family all get along, there’s a grocery store on the main road, as well as a CVS Pharmacy.

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I live in a small town that is sort of the suburbs of a small seaport “city” in which I grew up. The small town it’s self is nearly entirely residential, it has beaches and a state park on the coast and well not much else. The little city down the road is quite bustling especially in the summer, it is a popular tourist destination and has a beautiful little downtown full of restaurants and bars of all sorts. We are at most a 45 minute drive from Boston in which I have also lived.

My neighborhood it’s self consists of a shared driveway off of a main residential road so it’s nice and peaceful back here. My last neighborhood was in a bigger city and was a large apartment complex full of college students. Before that I lived in an old run down building in a working class neighborhood. I however moved out of there when people started getting shot and the bed bugs showed up…

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I live in a very small town. Across the road from me is a little park where all the kids come to play. Down the road a little way lives a really mean drunk who has done hard time and is on twelve years of probation. A little further down is an abandoned house. Then there is a senior citizen’s clubhouse that serves meals to a few of the older people in this town. A woman with a whole hoard of ankle biter dogs lives next down the road. She also has a couple of pit bulls on chains in her back yard. Then there is a little store I often frequent which sells beer. On the other side of the park are the nicer houses in the town of Watts. The town of Watts is like a big, white slum. Black people aren’t welcome in Watts, and there is no reason they would want to come, anyway. Almost none of the girls graduate high school before they’re pregnant. There are a lot of Indians in Watts because Adair County is in the Cherokee nation. A couple of the Indians are my drinking buddies.

My neighborhood certainly isn’t the worst in town but it’s not very nice. There is an apartment building not far away from mine that is notorious for drugs. Someone was shot and killed there not too long ago.

My town is plagued by drugs. The VA started a rehab years back and vets with addiction issues came for treatment. Many stayed in the area and their drug associates came with them.

People on benefits and low incomes. High level of crime .

I’m out in the corn field. I just met my neighbor down the street who is a cousin of a girl in my math class. I only only wave at my other neighbors when I take my walks. We just got a nice postcard from a sex offender moving in, but I think he’s closer to town.

. It is mostly a nice quiet area accept our next door neighbors have all had a crazy streak: one walked into our house and stole an onion, another had his dogs drag trash into our yard every day, and the current one lets his dog go in our yard to chase our cats.

I live in a relaxed laid back seaside suburb of Cape Town, its cosmopolitan - various races mixed. My house is in a security complex which is also cosmopolitan. I have black African neighbours on one side and white Europeans on the other. There are a few Indians also here, including my husband and another man two doors down with his white wife. Fortunately the crime rate is lower than some other areas, so its safe to walk around in the day, especially on the beach or along the main road.

Very rural…closest house 500 feet away and can’t see it except in the winter, and then only if I go up on the hill… all the properties are multiple acres so there are no little lots.
People wave but neighbors are all very private and want to mind their own business and be left alone, so it can be very peaceful.
We have had 2 vehicles come down our road in the past month…very disturbing ! That is too much traffic ! LOL

This is a tiny portion of my yard… (the faerie is a statue but I do have pics of real ones too)

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I knew a guy who believed there were fairies living out behind his house…a friend of a friend for the most part. He had all kinds of new age beliefs as well.

Haven’t seen him in ages though…name was Jim. You remind me of Jim sometimes.

No drug deals in my neighborhood, at least not obvious ones. I live in a very nice neighborhood. My view from my living room out my sliding glass door to my porch is a peaceful tree lined street with nice upscale houses. My neighborhood is a little above middle-class. But I do see shady characters walking around sometimes but no one really messes with me outside my apartment complex. I see homeless people often, I recognize several by sight. Sometimes I give them a buck or two even if they don’t ask me for it. I have a park ten minutes away which is populated mostly by families. I have two strip malls within two minutes away from my house. I walk there often for a soda or occasionally sit at a small coffee shop where I sit at their outside tables and sip a drink. In my illness I’ve lived in VERY bad neighborhoods but just as often I have lived in upscale neighborhoods. I know in even the nicest places I’ve lived there is still that underbelly of drugs and crime going on, but since I quit drugs I stopped having contact with them. And it’s a relief.

Mine are all over, even in the house, like this

And out in front of the house…or at least faerie lights

And sometimes misty faces…

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That face looks pretty strange, and hard to make out. Odd without a doubt.

I live in an up-middle class neighborhood. Most neighbors are bureaucrats and university teachers. So they took advantage of their bureaucratic power and built nice parks in this area. The vegetable and fruit market here sells things at higher prices than it is in other suburbs.