List three (realistic) things you hope to accomplish today

On the weekends I often write out these long to-do lists, but today I want to focus on three things I can realistically do to make today a productive day.

So, for today:

  1. Visit my mom’s grave. The cemetery is only a couple miles away, yet I haven’t been there for quite a while. Today is her birthday.

  2. Grade my students’ lab practical. They took it a week and a half ago, and I still haven’t graded it and given it back to them. I hate grading papers at home, hate taking work home with me, but sometimes that’s what I need to do.

  3. Make something big for dinner. Usually on the weekends I make something big, something that will give me leftovers for a few days of lunches. I’m leaning toward making chili mac, but I haven’t made up my mind. I make it fairly often, but it’s good, it’s easy, and it provides leftovers for days.

If I could add a fourth thing it would be to write the lab exam I’m giving to my other students tomorrow, but I’m not going to stress getting it done today. The exam is mostly put together, so really I could just put the finishing touches on it tomorrow just before I print it and run off copies.

  1. See my dad and get food, 2. Finish important paperwork 3. Help out around the house and work on hygiene.

I have to shower, do paperwork and clean some


I need a long hot soak in the bath later
Apart from that it’s just the usual Sunday


Walk the my yo brozzz (n his wife’s)dogs .
This may be my new job to do a couple or few times a week.
So grateful they thought of me for the job and it’s possible I might get paid to do something I would gladly have done for free.

Practice leading my sacred neigh and give it a go lunging her.
I must be brave and get my confidence back so I can start handling her again etc.
There was a long time I did not take her out of her paddock because the snorting erect tail etc scared me.

Put clothes away or put them in a neater pile on the floor.:slightly_smiling_face:


A bit of gaming, study some more French, make another chai tea latte, heat a tin of soup for supper. Today is a rest day.


Practice guitar
Buy ant traps
Make a cake


Wash clothes.
Put together outfits for the week for my one daughter.
Survive the kids.


Think about getting another bra
Take medicine at 3

  1. coursework
  2. make dinner
  3. relax before a busy week
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This is my kind of cleaning!


I can donate some ants for your ant traps. From our office. Keep finding them in the kettle first thing in the morning. Gaaaak.

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  1. Relax
  2. Eat
  3. Sleep

That’s so kind, but I live in the woods. We have ants aplenty here!

If you hear banjos… RUN!


But then I would miss the weekly gathering of the other hillfolk where we kidnap unsuspecting travelers and force them to watch reruns of Dora the Explorer.

  1. Wash hair
  2. Clean
  3. Get ready for work tomorrow
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I already cleaned and tidied my computer desk. I already set up my Alexa Echo. I went to Ma-s already. Now, later on, I got to go to Ad-ration. It would be nice if I could dust my whole living room.

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Yeah, and if you hear, “I’m the map, I’m the map, I’M THE MAP…”


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I already swept the floor and cleaned ac unit filters. I need to clean the kitchen at least and there are several other cleaning chores I could do.