Three goals for the day

I’m happily doing fun stuff nowadays, but I’m not very productive. It would help me a lot to share my goals for the day - maybe three a day. And come back to proudly tell that I did it.

Would anyone else be helped by that as well?

To start with… for the rest of this day I want to:

  1. Clean the little messes in the living room.
  2. Post my letters and send a mail. 
  3. Do my dishes and clean the kitchen a bit.

I really like this idea. What will you start with?

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  1. Go for at least one little walk.

  2. Make dinner (chili :yum:).

  3. Actually brush my teeth before bed, for a change


@bittercat, I just started with posting the letters. Now I’m cleaning the living room. Then the kitchen. Then the mail. The mail is for the last, or I will spend three hours thinking and changing it, because it’s one i find scary to send.

@freakonaleash, good that you are joining in!


You’re on a roll! Good luck with sending your mail.

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Thanks @bittercat.

Done, except for the mail. Even did the toilet too. That was not as hard as I thought. Now the difficult part: the mail. Wish to respond to someone who heard through others about my psychoses. He thanked me for not chopping him into small pieces until now, if I really was a lunatic. No clue how to respond to that.

For tomorrow:

  1. Clean the kitchen better. Today was dishes and superficial messes. Tomorrow a thorough clean.
  2. A start with weeding in the backyard.
  3. Convo with dad about my and his care for my son and how to divide tasks.
  4. Buying a new water kettle and pan.
  5. Washing clothes.

That’s more than three, but maybe I’ll manage.


These are for tomorrow

  1. pick up prescription

  2. call the vet.

  3. have a game of warhammer


(1) Study math
(2) Finish my book about the Islamic world
(3) Wash myself before sleeping


I’m going to join but I will start off easy since tomorrow is a work day.

For tomorrow:

  1. Shower
  2. Wash uniform
  3. Work on Father’s Day gift

What? :astonished:

Me niether…

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Haha still thinking… I think it’s about the least flattering thing anyone has ever said to me. I’m not even upset by it, it’s weird on his side. I hope it was a joke, but still. To his defense: I don’t know what they were told about me.

Any suggestions are welcome, I’m a bit clueless.

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  1. Blood work for clozapine
  2. Groceries shopping
  3. Buy fishing license
  4. Watch movies, kick back and enjoy some blue lotus with it :slightly_smiling_face:
    It’s a lazy sunday

get through the day with out getting emotional

getting along with my bro and sis they came up for pizza and cake for my bday

get my air conditioner - it didnt F##### fit

So i failed for the day


I just want to go into my clubhouse without freaking out today, i have to pick up my meds as well.


I managed to do 2 out of my 3 goals today. Tomorrow I plan to

  1. take qwertle to baby sensory
    2)food shop
  2. call vet.

Tomorrow goals

Phone dentist for check up appointment

Have a walk

Wash hair



Finish crocheting off a section of a blouse I’m making
Put some money aside and get some groceries
Prepare a quick lesson plan for volunteering on Thursday


Hm. That didnt go well at all. I did only the conversation, that was more of a mud throwing contest than a conversation. I think I’ve heard every single thing I did wrong the last year come by. Such fun. :frowning:

The rest of the day was actually happy and relaxed, but totally unproductive. I had a lovely afternoon with my neighbours. Met new people. And walked about an hour in the sun. I tried to buy useful things for home and garden (point 4), but everything was closed.

I’ll try again tomorrow. With a more humble list:

  1. Talk with my social worker and psychiatrist.
  2. Clean kitchen.
  3. Wash clothes - i’m without clean ones now.

Did you people succeed at your list?

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I have a few things that i want to do tomorrow (maybe) i am not use to planning out my days, i usually just get up and decide then what i want to do. but here is what i’m looking at.

  • Attend Clubhouse (maybe)
  • Research hosting a Local Club Event, (the lighting guy contacted me tonight saying he is interested in a monthly event) I would have to sell tickets and try cover my costs and the rest can go to charity (thats the plan anyway) lol
  • Research Lighting for my home studio and try and get a good deal.

I like to try and have positive things to think about to keep me on the up and i’m trying to get back on track now.


These are for tomorrow.

Visit my girl.

Try to exercise for half a hour.

Shower or wash between my legs with baby wipe.