List 3 realistic things you hope to accomplish today

I think it was freak on a leash who started this post but I can’t find it so I will start it again if I can.


Walk my brothers dogs for first time since my hysterectomy.

Buy wine for my brother and sister s birthday.i like to plan ahead.

Buy coffee and hopefully be able to watch Vikings.


Wash my mom’s car.

trim the hedges.


  1. Finish dishes and garbage
  2. Wrap presents
  3. Watch the Jets annihilate the Canadiens

Do the dishes
Fix my designs based on critique
Don’t overeat


Have a shower and put makeup :lipstick: on.

Have Christmas lunch with family.
Not feel awkward,uncomfortable,suppressed etcand not leave early but manage to stay n even enjoy myself.:open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Give Christmas gifts :gift:.

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Secure world peace. Feed all the hungry people in the world. Eliminate contagious disease. Okay, maybe I did exaggerate a little. How about: Get a little exercise. Do a little writing. Try not to isolate completely.

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Overall I am making big, big progress but I don’t want to get into details right now.


Eat loads
Chill ouT
Go to bed


Take a shower
Bake desserts for Christmas
Pick up flowers for a centerpiece (ugh- going out…)

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Cook the bird.

Entertain the guests.

Have a nice time.


All I want is to make it through Christmas without feeling awkward and un belonging…

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Walk my brothers dogs.

Visit my sacred neigh.

Watch Vikings and shower.

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I’ll list 3 realistic things I hope to accomplish tomorrow.

Wake up early.
Studying all day.
Cook dinner (I already have my lunch cooked, just need to heat it)

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Nap. Nap again. Nap some more.

Then eat turkey!

(Got the first nap nailed down.)


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That is great Chess24! I bought the light colored panama hat recently but had yet to wear it but not taking kava kava because it might react with my medication.

  1. Clean up the after Christmas mess
  2. Find a good movie or show to watch
  3. Try to get a better sleep
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Shout my mum Thai lunch if she isn’t to angry at me.

Post a letter.

Walk my dog.

Visit my uncle


work out

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Go to Buddhist temple and get a refund.


Walk my dog.

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Walk my brothers dogs.

Go for a outing with my mum.

Read the book I lent from the library.