Any famous psychiatrists?

I am currently looking to do research for fun on world famous schizophrenia/schizoaffective specialized psychiatrists, and schizophrenia research history. For anyone that has done this, do you have any recommendations on where to start.

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E Fuller Torrey was one of the first research psychiatrists who put Sz on biological foundation, and also Nancy Andreasen was one of the first to neuro-image the brains of patients.

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Wow Thanks guys. This will keep me busy

You might do some research on the early days of psychoanalysis and the crackpot theories of the prominent theorists then. For example, Freud believed that schizophrenia was the result of repressed homosexuality. They say that most of the early theorists behaved like cult leaders. Maybe they had schizophrenia. You would probably get the most entertainment there.

My old shrink holds the world record for most annoying person on earth. He put a lot of effort into it but he also had a natural talent for it.


Sophia Vinogradov was the first pdoc to demonstrate long term benefits of computerised brain games.

The jury is still out as to the benefits of brain games.