There are psychiatrists on this forum

I have this belief that there are psychiatrists posing as forum members here. The psychiatrists can ask many questions and extrapolate the answers the psychiatrists receive from schizophrenics.

To me this is okay since certain questions and scenarios will answer some hypothesis from psychiatrists that a direct one-on-one talk therapy couldn’t answer.

What do you guys think?


i could see it. maybe young ones and students. i would think the veteran pdocs wouldn’t take their work home with them though, but maybe not.


It could be a possibility :green_apple::green_apple::green_apple:


@Lifer Yeah, I agree. Schizophrenia is not a foregone conclusion since many schizophrenics exhibit the same behaviour and or traits. Easy to solve and provides feedback on many of the anti-psychotic medication that is being used. Lots of side-effect information.

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Its possible that there are researchers for schizophrenia on here. Theyre on all kinds of websites tho. Some might be people thatll specialize in schizophrenia. Who knows tho.

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That’s interesting. Specializing in schizophrenia only would be more in depth studies on how the brain functions with or without medication. Possibly active or inactive regions of the cerebral lobes etc… I would assume the DSM-V would not apply to these researchers since they would be concentrating on schizophrenia only and not all mental illnesses.

Hello there, @anon5716216

My name is Dr. Fre…ahem…I mean, Fred! How are you doing today?



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I was expecting an expert on psychology such as carl jung or freud but your photo will do.


This is really not an issue. We have a handful of undergrad students every semester who make accounts to ask nosy questions that are obviously homework assignments. But they are easy to spot and we kick them out. We do occasionally have professional researchers advertise for studies or clinical trials on here. The mod team reviews the research opportunity, weighs benefits versus risks, and then approves or denies the request to seek participants.


In the digital age of the Internet along with anonymity, researching schizophrenics through the web has a low risk factor. It’s the actual one-to-one talk therapy where those severely disturbed schizophrenics pose a danger.

I think they have better things to do, but I don’t know sometimes…Some stupid Forbes article said physicists were looking for time travelers on the internet. Can’t believe they get paid for that ■■■■. What a waste of time and money!

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I wrote a book about my SZA journey. No one bought is except a few curious family members and one mental health counselor. I don’t mind that because she left a positive review for me.


Well I understand that it’s good for them to try and understand us.

Idk how I feel about them lying about who they are though. For the means of understanding us.

Maybe it’s OK. As long as they are non judgemental. And not lying about what they are experiencing because that is taking the piss.

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I think the last thing a pdoc would want to do after dealing with psych patients all is come and talk to more psych patients.


Anonymity is a sort of lie is it not? We under the guise of another pseudonym hides our true persona.

All these student psychiatrists are doing is collecting data, typing up assessments and whatever documents they have to submit.

This is their job, their employment, their possible passion maybe? Most psychiatrists may have a family member who is schizophrenic which is why they do what they do.


It is an extremely stressful job. It is not the type of thing they are doing for the fun of it. They want to help people and have a secure income. Having deep discussions with people about how they are suffering is not an enjoyable experience.

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Psychiatrists see hundreds if not thousands of patients…many of them with schizophrenia. They do not need to be on this forum to get any sort of information or to test out therapies.


We admit that our name is secret but if they come on here acting as someone who has sz that is a bit different. But it is for good means. Idk to be honest this place is very resourceful for student psychiatrists I can imagine and psychiatrists. So I agree with you. As long as we are not flooded with them on here and the symptoms they make up are from a real sz person not just some mumble jumble

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